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The SYB Blog

Webinar Archives

How to Ground Your Body More Safely

Grounding (also called “earthing”) is a great practice; it’s an incredibly important tool in your EMF protection arsenal. And I *know* that a lot of you use products to ground your bodies– or have at least thought

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Smarter Tech with Nick Pineault
Podcast Guest Appearances

Smarter Tech with Nick Pineault: Part 2

Today our CEO, R Blank, is thrilled to appear for part 2 on Nick Pineault’s Smarter Tech Podcast. Can EMF-blocking cases really make your phone “safe” again? In the last years, Nick refrained from endorsing

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How To Verify That Your NCB is Working
SYB's EMF Protection Products

How To Verify That Your NCB is Working

There are three areas that the NCB addresses. It stops contact current, reduces dirty electricity, and ensures an effective ground-fault path. In this post, we explain how you can verify all of these functions. Stopping

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SYB's EMF Protection Products

Other Uses for the NCB

The Nuisance Current Blocker offers many benefits, which we describe elsewhere. Beyond the essential benefits, there are multiple other uses for the NCB, which we describe in this article. Representing the Body Normally when you

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