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Cell Phones And Colorectal Cancer Linked by New Study

Cell phones and colorectal cancer: it’s not a topic you hear about in the news. That’s because, until now, no attention has been given to a possible link.  And yet colorectal cancer rates are soaring among young people. We’re talking here about a generation who have grown up with smartphones

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Cell Phones and Thyroid Cancer

Cell Phones And Thyroid Cancer: Is There A Link?

That cell phones pose a threat to the human brain is well recognized. But what about cell phones and thyroid cancer? Is there a link? With thyroid cancer rates rising around the world, it’s a question worth exploring. Here’s what we know so far. Escalating Rates of Thyroid Cancer Thyroid

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Dr. Martin Blank

What Dr. Martin Blank Taught Me About Science

In June of 2018, the world lost Dr. Martin Blank. Dr. Blank was not only one of the most important EMF scientists in the world, but he was also my father and the inspiration behind the creation of SYB. Shortly after he passed, I sent a note out to my

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