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Healthy Living Tip #12: Stop Buying “Smart” Stuff You Don’t Need

“Did you know they just came out with this awesome smart [watch/fitness tracker/thermostat/pet bowl/fill-in-the-blank]?” Given how frequently new technology is being released nowadays, I hear that statement at least once a month. And some of these devices are so cool, that it can be easy to ignore the risks of smart homes. What Are the Risks…

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Healthy Living Tip #28: Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

Wifi routers are a relatively significant source of EMF radiation exposure in many homes. And most people keep their routers on 24 hours a day– leading to a significant cumulative non-stop exposure. Cut Your Exposure Wifi is a lot more convenient than ethernet, and most modern internet-connected devices don’t even come with ethernet ports anymore.…

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Healthy Living Tip #64: Don’t Keep Your Cell Phone in Your Pocket

The number of sources of human-made EMF emissions continues to explode. It’s no longer just cell phones and WiFi. Now we also have wireless thermostats, wireless speakers, smart refrigerators, tons of bluetooth devices— EMF is everywhere. Despite the growing number of sources of EMF, there’s one source of EMF that is likely one of your…

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