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The Shocking Truth About Apple Watch Radiation

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Does the Apple Watch emit radiation? If yes, how much? Are there any adverse effects if you wear it for a long time?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this article.

So, sit tight, relax, and let’s get started.

Does Apple Watch Emit Radiation?

Yes, the Apple Watch emits radiation, just like all other wireless devices. It’s fundamental to its functionality.

Without it, your Apple Watch wouldn’t be able to do Bluetooth syncing, use WiFi, or let you make calls, as seen in the latest models. There wouldn’t be any difference between your 15-year-old G-Shock and your latest $500 Apple Watch.

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But when most people hear “radiation,” they usually think of ionizing sources like X-rays, gamma rays, and nuclear radiation, which can cause immediate harm.

Even though we use it daily, most people are unaware of the non-ionizing radiation that powers everything from our phone calls to our late-night Netflix binges.

And it’s this non-ionizing kind that the Apple Watch emits.

Unlike ionizing radiation, which has enough energy to knock electrons off atoms and cause permanent cell damage, non-ionizing radiation doesn’t have that ability.

If you’re curious about the different types of radiation, check out my post “EMF in Simple Words,” where I break it down in an easy-to-understand way.

But does this mean that the radiation from your Apple Watch is safe?

Is Apple Watch Completely Safe to Wear?

Besides just telling the time, the Apple Watch is packed with features like heart rate monitoring, goal planning and alerts, volume level detection, music streaming, step tracking, and so much more.

And with the newer series, you can even make calls right from your wrist!

It’s safe to say smartwatches like the Apple Watch have taken convenience to the next level, and there’s no sign of their evolution slowing down anytime soon.

But are they safe to wear?

Legally, Apple says yes. Their watches comply with SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) regulations, which means they can legally sell the Apple Watch, and claim that it’s safe for human use.

apple watch radiation
Apple Watch is designed to be worn for extended periods, directly in contact with the body.

So, if the Apple Watch radiation levels are below the SAR limit, why are we worried?

Well, SAR is the only metric we have today to control radiation-emitting products. However many experts think SAR isn’t the best safety standard.

I’ve written all about SAR and why it doesn’t regulate EMF properly in my post, “What is SAR and How is Cell Phone Radiation (Not) Regulated?” You should definitely check it out.

Infographic: The Problems with SAR
Click to download full size infographic

Here’s a quick rundown though.

Apple Watch Radiation Level: It Doesn’t Mean Much

So, here’s the deal with SAR. It measures how much radiation your body absorbs from a device.

The SAR limit in places like the United States is 1.6 W/kg over 1g of human tissue. The Apple Watch Model A2092 comes in at 0.31 W/kg, which is way below the legal limit.

Now, if SAR was the perfect safety standard, determining the safety of your Apple Watch would be a no-brainer. But, unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world.

Here’s why SAR isn’t the be-all and end-all.

First up, SAR doesn’t account for the non-thermal effects of EMF. When manufacturers test for SAR, they just need to ensure that the radiation isn’t so intense that it heats your bodily tissues and causes damage.

That’s it.

But if you’ve read any independent research that’s not funded by the industry, you know that prolonged exposure to EMFs, even at non-thermal levels, can lead to issues from sleep disorders to serious conditions like cancer.

Featured Video: The 8 Problems with SAR, Explained

You can learn more about the biological effects of EMF in my “Health Effects of EMF Radiation” page.

So, looking at it this way, SAR doesn’t really mean much. It’s like saying a car is safe because it has airbags, but not testing whether the brakes work.

New York Times Says Apple Watch Can Cause Cancer

In 2015, journalist Nick Bilton from the New York Times wrote an article on how wearable tech possesses potential health risks.

The article explains how little we know about the hazards of EMF. And he says additional research must be done in this area.

Nick compared our current knowledge of EMF with the knowledge people had about the hazards of smoking in the earlier half of the twentieth century.

People then didn’t know that smoking was injurious to health.

He then links to an advertisement from 1946 by cigarette brand Camel. In the advertisement, Camel said, “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette.”

At that time, even doctors weren’t aware that smoking had health hazards. And it was widely encouraged and seen as the epitome of cool.

But now, with the advance of medical science, we know that smoking can cause numerous health issues, including chronic illnesses like cancer.

Similarly, wearable tech like Apple Watch lacks proper research, so there’s no evidence it’s completely safe to wear. In fact, there’s a large and growing body of evidence linking EMF to various health issues like cancer and DNA damage, infertility, and more. And since fitness trackers emit EMF constantly, the logical conclusion is that we should approach them with caution.

Later in the article, Nick explained the reason for his concern regarding the Apple Watch. He cited the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the British Medical Journal. Both of these institutions say that there can be a link between cell phone radiation and increased risk of cancer and tumors.

Nick finished the article by saying, “I’ll still buy the Apple Watch, but I won’t let it go anywhere near my head. And I definitely won’t let any children I know play with it for extended periods of time.”

What Do We Advise?

Even though we don’t have much scientific evidence to support that Apple Watch is completely safe, we have to agree that this tech is a game changer and brings an array of benefits.

We don’t say that you shouldn’t enjoy the new technology, we just recommend you use it more responsibly. This brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #42: Reduce Your Use of Smart Watches.

Avoid Using Smart Watches

If you use the Apple Watch responsibly, you might find it an asset to your health. If you don’t, it could be damaging.

So, here are some of our tips that you can implement to enjoy these smart gadgets responsibly, reducing your health risks from exposure to harmful radiation:

Use Airplane Mode (When Possible)

Like most electronic gadgets, the Apple Watch has a built-in Airplane mode that you can use to cut your device’s EMF emissions without powering it off.

We recommend using Airplane mode whenever you don’t have a use for network on your smartwatch, or at times when you are not expecting anything important.

Don’t Wear Your Apple Watch At Night

Electronic device manufacturers highly recommend against sleeping with your gadget near your body. And this recommendation applies to the Apple Watch too.

Remove the watch from your wrist at night and keep it on a table at a certain distance. Preferably use the Airplane mode while sleeping.

Don’t Use A Smartwatch If You Have Immunity Issues

Heavy EMF exposure disturbs the immunity pattern. This disturbance results in your immune system under-reacting to foreign microbes, or hyper-reacting (autoimmune diseases).

If you have immunity issues, we don’t recommend using the Apple Watch.

And if your condition is mild and you are using the Apple Watch, we suggest you visit your doctor regularly to see any changes in your condition.

If your condition is declining, stop using the watch. Your health is more important than the ability to watch YouTube on your wrist.

Don’t Use A Smartwatch If You Are Pregnant

The effects of wearable tech on pregnant women is another area that’s yet to be scientifically studied.

In the meantime, we can look at what broader research about EMF and pregnancy tells us.

What we know is that fetuses are far more vulnerable to EMF than our adult bodies.

A 2017 study said, “Women who were exposed to higher EMF levels had 2.72 times the risk of miscarriage than those with lower EMF exposure”.

So, if you are pregnant, it’s a wise precaution to eliminate the use of Apple Watch.

Don’t Gift Apple Watch To Your Children

We have an entire section dedicated to resources related to Children & EMF Radiation.

Suffice to say that children are more vulnerable to the health risks of EMF exposure than adults. So, you need to make sure that your children are not spending a substantial amount of time exposed to EMF.

On top of that, health experts say that introducing children to technology from an early age can also impact their physical health, mental health, and academic performance.

Explore the SYB Wrist Band

On popular demand, we have a new addition to our product catalog. Introducing the all-new SYB Wrist Band

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Functional Design

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Here are the specs:

Small: 6.3″ (16 cm) circumference, ideal for people with smaller wrists

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Band Width: 2″ (5 cm) – large enough for almost any smartwatch, including Apple Watch

Elasticity: Made with 10% spandex for flexibility and comfort

It’s perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable piece of gear to protect themselves from their smartwatch’s EMF emissions. Just wear the SYB wristband and your watch on top of it. Now you can enjoy the convenience of your modern smartwatch without having to risk your health and wellbeing.

Note: The SYB Wrist Band will prevent any biometric functionality from your smartwatch (like heart rate monitoring).

Uses Real Science

Our SYB Wrist Band uses universally accepted, real science based on Michael Faraday’s EMF shielding fundamentals.

Silver ranks at the top of all electrically conductive materials, with an electrical conductivity of 62.1 Siemens/m and electric resistivity of 1.6 ohm/m.

This makes silver the most powerful EMF shielding material of all metals that we know of, which is why we’ve used 90% silver to make the SYB wristband. And there’s 10% spandex for aesthetic and comfort purposes.


The all-new SYB Wrist Band is built with non-toxic and hypoallergenic fabric. And since it’s made using spandex, a popular fabric used to make sportswear, it’s highly breathable. This means you can wear it all day without having to worry about problems like fungal growth.

You can get this product today from the SYB website. And, if you don’t like it, no worries, we have you covered with SYB’s 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. So, why not give it a try?

Final Thoughts

While your Apple Watch offers a range of incredible features and conveniences, it’s crucial that you use it responsibly.

To ensure your well-being, consider implementing the tips shared in this post, such as using Airplane mode when possible, removing the watch at night, and being cautious if you have immunity issues or are pregnant. Remember, your health always comes first.

For those seeking additional protection, our new SYB Wrist Band offers a practical solution to shield yourself from EMF emissions.

It’s designed with advanced EMF shielding materials to provide you with peace of mind while enjoying the benefits of your smartwatch.

Stay informed, make mindful choices, and prioritize your health. Let’s continue to make informed decisions together for a healthier future.

And speaking of health, do you know that carrying your phone in your pocket can be devastating for you? Learn more.

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

Want to learn more about EMF?

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