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What is Dirty Electricity? And How do You Clean it?

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A growing number of people are concerned about EMF exposure from ‘dirty electricity’. So what is dirty electricity, what effects can it have, and what can you do about it?

What is Dirty Electricity

Regular electricity is conducted into our homes over electrical wiring. Most people receive their power from the utility company over the power grid, although some generate their electricity locally, at their own home (so-called off-grid living).

This electricity that we receive is at a standardized voltage and frequency. In the US, most homes receive electricity at a power of 120 volts and a frequency of 60 hertz. In Europe, voltage is generally between 220 and 240 volts and 50 hertz.

This electricity that we receive is at a standardized voltage and frequency.

The term ‘dirty electricity’ refers to variations – spikes and surges – in the voltage and frequency. When dirty electricity occurs, the currents flowing through our electrical wiring deviate from the standards we expect.

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Where Does Dirty Electricity Come From?

As a baseline, let’s think of regular old ‘clean’ electricity as smooth.

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Just as electrical wiring and the power grid can conduct electricity from the utility company, so can it conduct other electrical signals and other forms of EMF. Two types of this unwanted EMF include transient voltage and wireless signals.

It is these forces that convert ‘smooth’ electricity we expect into unpredictable, ‘dirty’ electricity. And once these forces are created, they spread throughout a building – and even to other buildings – over the electrical wiring and power grid, radiating potentially harmful EMF into our environments.

When something disturbs its standard flow, it creates micro-surge electrical pollution, commonly known as dirty electricity.

Voltage Transients

Increasingly, the devices and appliances that we use and enjoy are not designed to operate from the standardized electricity that we receive from the grid. And so the electrical signals must be converted to some other form.

This is most notable with power inverters (like you would find in a solar power system or an RV, that converts DC power to AC). Other devices and appliances do not draw a consistent amount of power, instead varying their draw and consumption, creating surges and dips in the voltage. This can occur up to thousands of times each second.

But it’s also true of our cell phone chargers, TVs and laptops. And we also find this in other installations, such as light switch dimmers.

That process of converting the form of the power can create transient voltage, which are temporary bursts of unwanted voltage that flow through our electrical wiring.

Stray Wireless Signals

Wireless devices – everything from traditional radio and television, all the way up through cell phones and WiFi – work by sending radio frequency (RF) EMF radiation through the air.

These signals can be captured and conducted by power lines on the street and electrical wiring in our homes. And so the vast array of wireless signals traveling through our environments can be captured and transmitted using the same electrical infrastructure that powers our lives.

This can lead to unpredictable EMF emissions from our electrical wiring and appliances. In the context of dirty electricity, these stray wireless signals can be referred to as RF transients.

Radio frequency (RF) transmissions from wireless devices like cell phones contribute to RF transients.

While the term ‘dirty electricity’ most commonly refers to the voltage transients, many (myself included) consider these stray wireless signals to also be a component of dirty electricity. Because they contribute to the dirty (perhaps, more accurately termed ‘unpredictable’) nature of the EMF to which we are all exposed from the electrical infrastructure.

What are Some of the Most Common Sources of Dirty Electricity?

Due to its nature, dirty electricity can come from multiple different causes. However, there are some culprits that are known to be among the worst offenders.

These include:

  • power inverters
  • light switch dimmers
  • energy efficient lights
  • any appliance with a motor (such as a blender)
  • wireless devices (like smart meters and WiFi routers)
  • overlapping or intertwined extension cords
  • poor electrical wiring in the walls

As I say, these are among the sources known to be among the worst contributors of dirty electricity.

Light switch dimmers are a significant – and common – source of dirty electricity.

But you can not know how much dirty electricity you are exposed to unless you measure.

How do You Measure Dirty Electricity?

I talk a lot about how to test and measure EMF and what meters I recommend. And in those materials, I mention power density meters (to measure wireless radiation) and gauss meters (which we can use to measure EMF from electrical wiring and appliances).

However, these tools are not sufficient to measure dirty electricity– particularly the voltage transients.

In order to measure dirty electricity, I recommend a meter specifically designed for the task. There are a few dirty electricity meters you can choose from. The one I recommend is the one from Satic.

The Satic EMI Line Monitor is a specialized device designed to measure electromagnetic interference, commonly known as ‘dirty electricity’ (DE), in your home or workplace environment. Just plug it into an outlet and look at what the levels are.

Satic makes versions for both the North American and the UK power grids. Learn more about the Satic dirty electricity meter for North America and UK.

These meters are designed to measure the amount of voltage variation present in your home’s electrical wiring. (Satic also makes dirty electricity filters– more on that below– but you do not need to purchase the filters in order to make use of the meters.)

What are the Health Effects of Dirty Electricity?

First, I wish to note that it is quite difficult to say with specificity and certainty what the health effects of dirty electricity truly are. This is because:

  • Dirty electricity virtually surrounds us. It is almost impossible to find a population unexposed to it, for the purposes of forming a control group as part of any studies.
  • Dirty electricity is, by its nature, highly unpredictable. Unless you are constantly measuring the levels, you do not know how much surrounds you at any given moment.
  • Dirty electricity is, by and large, an under-investigated area of EMF exposures (in part, because of the two reasons I mentioned immediately above).

However, there have been some studies– some performed by highly respected researchers including Dr. Sam Milham and Dr. Magda Havas, among others– that begin to illuminate some of the health effects linked to dirty electricity.

Dr. Sam Milham

Dr. Sam Milham is a physician and epidemiologist (now retired). And in many ways, Dr. Milham is the father of dirty electricity– not that he created it, but he created the term and was the first to explore it in his very important books of the same name, Dirty Electricity.

Dirty Electricity‘ by Dr. Sam Milham

In that book (and in other published studies), Dr. Milham advocates that the electrification of our lives has led to an epidemic of what he refers to as the ‘diseases of civilization’– diseases that did not occur in populations until they were exposed to EMF from the electrical grid.

These diseases of civilization include Alzheimer’s, infertility, depression, heart disease, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

Dr. Sam Milham was able to show how the incidence of these diseases, and increases in the death rate, correlated with the onset of electrification, independent of where it occurred in the country. And he showed that these diseases did not increase in populations that were not exposed to these forces– such as the Amish.

Dr. Magda Havas

Dr. Magda Havas has also contributed important work to our understanding of the health effects of dirty electricity. 

In one 2004 paper entitled ‘Dirty Electricity and Electrical Hypersensitivity: Five Case Studies’, Dr. Havas and co-author Dave Stetzer (who makes the STETZERiZER meter and filters, mentioned elsewhere in this post) performed tests wherein STETZERiZER filters were installed in homes and schools to reduce dirty electricity in the environment. 

They found that “symptoms associated with electrical hypersensitivity (such as chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, body aches and pains, ringing in the ears, dizziness, impaired sleep, memory loss, and confusion) were reduced,” and concluded that dirty electricity may be contributing to the growing epidemic of electrohypersensitivity

A second study by Dr. Havas published in 2009 along with Angela Olstad found that, following the installation of STETZERiZER filters, the subjects noted “improvements in the incidence of headaches, general weakness, dry eye or mouth, facial flushing, depression, mood, dizziness, pain, skin irritation, clarity of thought and more energy.”

In a separate study also published in 2009, Dr. Havas investigated the link between dirty electricity and “Several disorders, including asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.” Dr. Havas noted the reasons for concern about these links, and called for further study to delve more deeply into the possible causes. 

What Can You do to Protect Yourself from Dirty Electricity?

I always say the best EMF protection is free, and the same is true for dirty electricity EMF. And there are some dirty electricity protection products available, as well, to help protect yourself and your family even more.

Start with the Free Ways

Remove Light Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches create significant voltage transients. As much as I enjoy the mood control offered by dimmers, I recommend that you replace them with traditional on/off switches.

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Those who know my work, know that I recommend turning off your WiFi when not in use, and turning your phone into airplane mode when it’s not in use. That’s because these devices emit significant levels of radio frequency radiation to operate, and if you’re not actively making use of those wireless signals, turning them off can make a big difference in your exposure.

The same is true for devices that create dirty electricity. That would include your TV, your air conditioner, your stereo– basically anything that runs off of AC power. If you’re not using it, unplug it. And that way, it won’t be adding to your household dirty electricity when it’s off.

Avoid Eco-Friendly Lighting

Eco-friendly lighting solutions include CFLs (compact flourescents) and LEDs (light emitting diodes). As much as I support the purpose of eco-friendly illumination, they emit tremendous levels of unwanted EMF, contributing to dirty electricity in your home. (As do more traditional fluorescent tubes.) 

So, when possible, opt for standard incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Manage Your Extension Cords

Like everything that conducts electricity, extension cords (and their cousins, power strips) emit EMF radiation into your home. We can’t change that, but we can manage how we use these cords in our homes to reduce some of the risks.

So keep your extension cords neat and tidy. It’s important not to loop them or run them over each other. If you loop your extension cords or have them run over each other, it can cause an increase in EMF emissions.

Healthy Living Tip #83: Manage Your Extension Cords

Dirty Electricity Protection Products

Once you’ve eliminated the sources of DE that you can, then next step is to work with filters. As with meters, there are multiple manufacturers you can choose from. And as with the meters, I recommend the ones from Satic.

With DE filters, you can work with ones that plug into a wall, to eliminate DE in a specific outlet; or you can hire an expert to install a larger-scale “whole home” filter.

Satic Pure Power Plug-In Dirty Electricity Filter

The Satic Pure Power Plug-In Dirty Electricity Filter is a device designed to reduce or eliminate dirty electricity from a single outlet your home or office. This filter is plugged into an electrical outlet and works by smoothing out the electrical current, thereby reducing the amount of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) present in the power line. This process can improve the quality of the power delivered to your devices and may also lead to a reduction in energy consumption. The filter is often used in environments where there is a high concentration of electronics, like offices or homes with many gadgets, to ensure a cleaner and more stable power supply.

Satic PowerPerfect Wire-In Filter

This is Satic’s solution that can be wired into the electrical system of your home or office. And it’s designed to address larger scale DE problems in a system.

As with all wire-in, whole-home DE filters, the Satic PowerPerfect requires professional installation from an expert, such as a certified Building Biologist.

The NCB from SYB

The NCB, or Nuisance Current Blocker, and the NCB Pro, are ground-breaking, patent-pending inventions by EMF mitigation expert Andrew McAfee, that make it safer to ground your body.

Although it achieves the same goal, the NCBs differ slightly from the filters of Stetzerizer and Greenway. The Stetzer/Greenwave filters address the hot and neutral wires, whereas the NCB addresses the grounding conductor.

Besides that, the NCB protects you from more than just dirty electricity. It also eliminates ground current EMF and reduces the electric fields coming through the electrical wires in your home.

How Does the NCB Work?

Grounding, also known as earthing, is one of the most important tools in your EMF protection arsenal. It’s the simple act of bringing your body in direct contact with the earth’s current.

Grounding allows you to “absorb” energy from the Earth, enabling you to receive the healing benefits of being in contact with the earth’s natural current.

You can learn more about grounding and its benefits in my post, “What is Grounding?

Experts say it’s important to ground your body for at least 30 minutes a day. And there are no limitations as to where you can practice grounding. You can do it in your backyard, local park, or anywhere you can connect your body to the earth.

But, understandably, not everyone has the time and space to go out and practice grounding. So, in that case, we turn to grounding products, like grounding mats and sheets. And they work great, except for one problem.

There are hazards to using grounding products indoors, grounded to the grid. Hazards that stem from power grids and the electrical wiring in your home. These include dirty electricity, contact current, and electric field EMF.

So, whenever you touch a grounding product, you expose your body to these harmful forces.

To prevent this, we need to stop the current on the grounding conductors. And the NCB helps you do that.

Real Science

Check out this diagram of a person using a grounding mat.

The NCB is placed between the grounding mat and the wall outlet grounding conductor. There’s a resistor in there, and it stops the current from getting to your grounding mat.

By simply placing the NCB between the outlet grounding conductor and the grounding mat, we can stop the current from reaching the mat.

The SYB Nuisance Current Blocker (NCB) Makes Grounding Safer
The NCB from SYB

Also, the NCB maintains an effective “ground-fault path.”

The National Electrical Code (NEC) describes the ground-fault current path as “an intentionally constructed, low-impedance electrically conductive path designed and intended to carry current underground-fault conditions from the point of a ground fault on a wiring system to the electrical supply source and that facilitates the operation of the overcurrent protective device or ground-fault detectors.”

Suppose there’s a ground-fault condition (live wire accidentally and unintentionally touching a metallic appliance frame or the ground/soil) in your home. In that case, you can receive an electric shock while using your grounding product.

But, if you have an NCB bridging between the grounding product and your home’s grounding conductor, it will activate and trip the breaker immediately—protecting you from a potentially fatal shock.

The NCB Pro

The NCB is only available for purchase in the United States. If you live outside the states, you can consider the NCB Pro.

The NCB Pro

It works similarly to the NCB, except this connects directly to your grounding conductor, which is why it requires a professional installation by a certified Building Biologist or a licensed electrician.

It works with:

Besides, it’s also excellent at eliminating magnetic field emissions proximate to beds and other furniture.

Check out both the NCB and the NCB Pro on the SYB website.

Final Thoughts

Dirty electricity is harmful, and unlike radiofrequency EMFs, there are no consequences of completely eliminating it from your home. So, follow the tips you read in this post, and start mitigating your dirty electricity exposure today.

Recently, we hosted a summit featuring 24+ experts who shared invaluable insights and expertise on several issues across four days. Day 4 focused on ‘The Power Grid, Disease, and Solutions,’ where our six experts delved deep into the dangers of dirty electricity and practical ways to address it in your life.

And you can get access to this exclusive content today with our Dirty Electricity Bundle. In this bundle, you’ll receive six expert talks, an expert panel discussion, and ten bonus eBooks where you’ll learn:

  • What Dirty Electricity Is
  • The Multiple Health Risks from the Power Grid
  • What Grounding Is & How to Do It Safely
  • And more!

This comprehensive resource will empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential health risks associated with dirty electricity. Act now and take control of your well-being by making informed decisions about your home’s electrical environment.

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

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