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Why You Shouldn’t Use An EMF Blocking Phone Case (And What To Do Instead)

Why You Shouldn’t Use An EMF Blocking Phone Case (And What To Do Instead)

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  • The EMF blocking phone case is typically marketed as a solution to harmful radiation from wireless devices – especially for people who carry their phones in their pockets.
  • While it’s true that carrying a cell phone in your pocket is dangerous to health, radiation blocking phone cases don’t work. They may even exacerbate the problem. 
  • If you’re concerned about your health and want to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, there are other, more effective, measures you can take instead. 

Do you carry your cell phone in your pocket? If so, you might be searching for an EMF blocking phone case to provide you with some safety from radiation. 

But do EMF blocking phone cases work? 

The answer to that question is generally no and in this post we’ll explain why – as well as giving you the answers on what does work.

Cell Phones and Pockets: A Dangerous Combination

You might not have heard the term “nomophobia” but there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the phenomena. It’s also known as smartphone separation anxiety, and it’s what many people experience in moments when their phones are out of reach. 

In fact, Smartphones use has become so ubiquitous that three-quarters of Americans keep their phones switched on 24/7.  

And because we like to have our phones so near? We frequently keep them in our pockets.

Research shows that this is a dangerous habit. 

Effects On Male Fertility

SYB Pocket Card to Shield Cell Phone EMF Radiation
We frequently keep our Phones in our pockets.

One of the most conclusive and well-researched effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is damage to fertility. Numerous studies show that radiation from cell phones is detrimental to reproductive health. 

To give just one example, 2014 research from the University of Exeter reviewed ten different studies covering 1,492 samples of male sperm. The results were clear: sperm suffer when exposed to RF radiation.

As lead researcher Dr. Fiona Matthews concluded: “This study strongly suggests that being exposed to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation from carrying mobiles in trouser pockets negatively affects sperm quality.”

Apart from lowering sperm quality, researchers suggest that cell phone EMF exposure is a common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED)

In 2013, for example, the Central European Journal of Urology (CEJU) published a paper showing a significant correlation between cell phones and reduced erectile function (EF) in men. The study found that men with ED carried their cell phones in their pockets for significantly longer than men without ED.

Women Are Also at Risk

Effects of heavy EMF exposure from cell phones aren’t limited to men. Consider pregnant women, who are one of the most vulnerable groups.

Research by Dr. De-Kun Li of the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute found that women who expose themselves to higher levels of EMF have a 2.72 times greater risk of miscarriage than women who try to avoid EMF exposure during pregnancy.

Says one 2018 study published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology:

The effect of EMFs (non ionizing radiations) on human gametes and, more in general, on female fertility is still poorly understood, but it seems to correlate with higher miscarriage rates and birth defects. 

You can read more about pregnancy and EMF here.

Now, this is not to say that women should carry their phones in close proximity to their reproductive organs while not pregnant. Numerous animal studies have shown that EMF exposure has a toxic effect on female ovaries and directly leads to a decrease in ovarian follicles.

Carrying a device in your bra is hardly an ideal solution, either. As discussed in this post about cell phones in bras, there are a number of compelling studies linking EMF exposure to cell damage and breast cancer.

In short, regardless of whether your phone is kept in your back pants pocket, front pants pocket, breast pocket, or bra, it’s doing you harm.

The EMF Blocking Phone Case: An Imperfect Solution

So cell phones in pockets are zapping our delicate reproductive organs with radiation, and people everywhere are justifiably concerned. Enter the EMF blocking cell phone case: a great idea in theory – after all, if you can just get rid of the radiation, carrying your phone next to your body would be perfectly safe, right?

But in reality, it’s not so easy. If you were to cut off all the radiation that emanates from your phone, your phone wouldn’t work. It’s as simple as that. 

What’s more, products that attempt to block radiation from your phone completely can actually end up making the radiation worse. Why? Because in attempting to block the radiation they block your cell phone signal. And your cell phone’s response to that is to amp up its attempts to stay connected to the network. 

And when it amps up its power to maintain a signal – you guessed it – it outputs more radiation

This means that any poorly-designed EMF blocking cell phone case will actually do more harm than good. 

What To Do Instead

If you’re set on keeping your phone in your pocket and want some added protection, look for a product that’s research-backed, lab-tested, and scientifically sound

That means you should only ever consider EMF blocking products that allow your phone to keep outputting radiation. How do they work, then? By acting as a shield between your phone and your body. 

2019 research that placed this type of shield between a wifi router and human sperm found that the negative effects of radiation were dramatically reduced. The EMF shield doesn’t stop the radiation from occurring; it deflects it away from what needs protecting. 

How To Choose An EMF Shield That Works

So now you know how a truly effective EMF shielding product should work. It cannot block or stop EMF from occurring – it can only deflect it.

Even so, there are numerous EMF shielding products on the market that claim to do this, but many don’t have any scientific proof of their efficacy.

So, how do you differentiate between genuine EMF shielding products and those that are ineffective (or, worse, actually amplify EMF emissions)?

The first thing you can do is to find out the building materials of the product. If you look at SYB’s product pages, all of them contain information on the materials we use to build that product.

Check to see if the product contains powerful conductive materials. I added “powerful” because some metals are more electrically conductive than others.

For instance, silver is the most electrically conductive among all metals. This is why we use silver in almost all of our products.

Copper, aluminum, gold, and steel are also highly effective in shielding EMF.

If you don’t find this information readily available, you can contact the manufacturer or the seller for details on the materials they use.

If you’ve already purchased the product, you can test it using an EMF meter to see if the manufacturer’s claims are valid.

You can easily purchase a consumer-grade EMF meter online, and they are more than enough to show if a product works.

However, be mindful that there are different kinds of EMF, and one meter can’t test all the fields. So do make sure you understand what type of meter will be the best fit for your test. 

(To make this easier, we have a free ebook covering everything you need to know about how to test EMF shielding products. It also includes information on different EMF meters and recommendations based on your situation. You can download the eBook by simply visiting our EMF testing content hub.)

Four Best Alternatives To An EMF Blocking Phone Case

SYB’s products use technology that’s designed based on centuries-old, tried and tested principles. Like a Faraday Cage, they use super-fine conductive materials to repel electromagnetic fields – but they only do this as a barrier between your body and your device so as to not interfere with its signal. 

This means that you can keep your phone in your pocket, with no loss of signal or battery life, and be protected against harmful radiation. 

We have four products that are particularly suited to this purpose – all of them lab-tested and with lifetime warranties.

  • The SYB 5G Phone Shield – Can be used in any type of pocket where you carry your phone. Deflects up to 99.9% of wireless EMF radiation away from your body and works on all networks. 
  • The SYB Phone Pouch – This lightweight neoprene pouch is a convenient way to carry your cell phone on your belt or in your pocket. Once again, the shielding is woven into one side only so as to not interfere with your phone’s reception.
  • The SYB Pocket Patch – This unobtrusive patch turns your favorite pair of jeans or jacket into a permanent cell phone shield. Just stick it into any pocket where you carry devices. Comes in a pack of three so you can protect multiple pockets. 
  • The SYB Boxer Briefs – To really protect your reproductive health. These men’s briefs offer 360 degree shielding from all types of EMF radiation – that means they protect against pocket devices as well as ambient radiation from laptops, wifi, and any other EMF bouncing around in your environment. 

Do You Need A Product At All?

All of that said, our number one goal is for you to be able to use technology more safely. That’s why we always say that the best EMF protection is completely free.

Any chance you have to limit your usage of EMF-emitting devices, take it. Any opportunity you have to maximize your distance from your devices, use it. 

Limiting your use and maximizing your distance from electromagnetic radiation is the best protection you can get. And it costs nothing at all. 

Of course, I get that that isn’t always possible. For the times when you do need to use your phone or carry it with you, you may opt for added protection. Provided you’re choosing the right shielding, it can’t hurt to play it safe.

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