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What is EMF Shielding?

There are an increasing number of products on the market to help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. Some are complicated; some are misleading. But EMF shielding is both simple and proven. So what is EMF shielding?

Michael Faraday

Shielding from EMF has been around since the days of Michael Faraday, who invented the cage that bears his name (the Faraday cage) in 1836. Faraday cages are enclosures that block electric charges and can block a significant amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR). They have long been used to protect sensitive electrical equipment from EMF interference.

In the almost two hundred years since Faraday invented his cage, EMF shielding has significantly evolved. Today, shielding comes in many different types, including plastics, films and fabrics. And this is how EMF shielding works from SYB.

How EMF Shielding is Used

Art Nouveau power plant in Heimbach, Germany
A Faraday cage at the Art Nouveau power plant in Heimbach, Germany

Even so, most EMF shielding is actually designed to protect electronics and not human tissue. So while EMF shielding has existed for almost two centuries, by and large, it has only been used to protect electronics, and not humans.

This is because engineers have known for decades that EMF can interfere with electronics; however, until much more recently, there was not much science indicating that EMF affects living tissue.

As a result, while EMF shielding is common, it has generally not been designed for, made available to, average consumers.

And that’s why we create products like the Pocket Patch, and Flex Shields. To make EMF shielding simple and easy, for everyone to use to reduce their exposures to the harmful wireless energy that increasingly surrounds us.

It’s not rocket science. Nor is it magic. It’s taking well-established tools, and making them accessible to everyone. And we even have a resource hub to show you how to test our EMF shielding for yourself.

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