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What is the Best EMF Protection? Hint: It’s Free. And You Can Start Right Now.

At SYB, we make some of the best EMF protection products available in the world. And so, sometimes it surprises people when I tell them that the best EMF protection is free – completely free.

And you can start right now. 

Why is the Best EMF Protection Free?

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

This brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #1: The Best EMF Protection is Free (and I believe this information is so important, that’s why I made it our #1 tip).

You can’t block all EMF from your phone and still have it work. You can’t block all EMF from your laptop and still have it work. 

All modern technology – whether it communicates wirelessly or runs on AC power – emits EMF radiation. And each year we’re surrounded by more and more of it. 

Healthy Living Tip #1: The BEST EMF Protection is FREE

Emitting EMF radiation is exactly how these devices work. If you block all the EMF, the technology won’t work!

If you want to use and enjoy modern technology – or live near other people who do (and these days, there’s no escaping it) – you can not avoid exposure to EMF radiation.

This is because EMF isn’t a by-product: EMF is the product. And there are no safe radiation levels of EMF.

No EMF blockers are 100% effective. Any company that claims to defend or shield you from 100% of EMF radiation, while still allowing your devices to work, is lying to you. 

That technology does not exist. 

Yes, EMF Can Be Complicated. Protecting Yourself from EMF Isn’t.

EMF can be complicated. There’s a lot of science to understand. You can’t see, touch, smell or taste EMF. 

A lot of companies (including mine) make and sell EMF protection, and it’s hard to know what are the best ways to protect against EMF.

But as with any pollutant, the absolute best EMF protection is to reduce your exposure to the pollutant – in this case, EMF-emitting technology – in the first place.

And there are two simple rules to accomplish that goal. 

It really is that simple. 

The two rules to follow, for the best EMF protection to Shield Your Body from exposure to this type of harmful radiation, are:

  1. MINIMIZE your use of EMF-generating technologies.
  2. MAXIMIZE the distance between your body and the EMF-generating technologies when they are in use.

These may seem both obvious and difficult, but stick with me. Because there are a lot of ways to do this, without sacrificing your enjoyment of modern technology.

Here are 10 examples.

10 Ways to Slash Your EMF Exposure – Without Sacrificing Your Enjoyment of Tech

Going back to the two rules above, let’s look at five examples of things you can do for each. So, in other words, five ways to minimize your use and five ways to maximise your distance.

5 Ways to Minimize Use of EMF Emitting Technology

The first rule – i.e., to minimize your use of devices that emit EMF radiation – is quite simple and obvious. After all, the best way to minimize your exposures is to minimize your use of the tools that generate these exposures. 

If you want to reduce your exposure to the EMF radiation that all modern technology emits, the best way is to reduce how much of that technology you use and surround yourself with.

It’s as simple as it sounds – it’s not rocket science.

Now, of course, we are all dependent on – or, in some cases, addicted to – our modern technology that is a source of so much EMF radiation. So how are you supposed to minimize your use of EMF-emitting devices without sacrificing your enjoyment of them?

Good news: there are a lot of ways!


So, for example:

Turn Off Your Wifi Router at Night

For a better night of sleep, turn off your wifi router at night.

  1. Turn Off your WiFi Router at Night
    WiFi routers are a relatively significant source of EMF radiation exposure in many homes. And most people keep their routers on 24 hours a day, leading to significant cumulative non-stop exposure. So one way to make a massive reduction in your EMF exposure is to turn off your WiFi router at night, when it’s not in use.
  2. Don’t Carry Your Phone in Your Pocket
    When your phone is directly against your body, it is likely one of your biggest – if not the biggest – sources of your EMF exposure. Even many cell phone companies like Apple tell you not to carry your phone in your pocket, because if you do, your exposure can exceed safety standards. So don’t carry your phone in your pocket, or turn it into airplane mode if you do.
  3. Don’t Buy Smart Stuff You Don’t Need
    Each and every device you buy is a new source of EMF. And with all the new “smart” tech being developed and released, a whole new class of products are now sources of EMF (for example, a door lock was never a source of EMF until they introduced ‘smart’ locks). As each new device is an additional source of EMF radiation, really consider whether the benefit of this new device outweighs the increased risk to your health.
  4. Delay Getting Your Child a Smartphone
    There are a lot of reasons – unrelated to EMF exposure – to delay getting your child a phone. Ownership and use of phones are linked to decreased grades and increased anxiety in children. This is the basis of the Wait Until 8th grade movement. But an added benefit of delaying getting your child a smart phone is that they’ll be exposed to much less EMF. This is even more important because children are more vulnerable to damage from EMF radiation.
  5. Use WiFi Calling Instead of Cell Data
    WiFi emits much less power than a cell connection. And so if you use WiFi calling instead of your cell connection, you can still get all the benefits of your cell phone (sending and receiving calls and texts) with much less radiation.

All of these things will minimize your exposure to EMF, by minimizing your use of EMF emitting technology.

So that’s the first of the two simple rules. And there’s a second.

5 Ways to Maximize Distance Between You and the EMF Tech

It’s true that you can’t stop modern technology from emitting EMF radiation and still have that technology work.

But there’s something about that radiation that you might not realize. Not only does EMF radiation get weaker with distance – it actually diminishes in power exponentially with distance. 

Yes, exponentially. 

It has to do with the law of inverse squares. But you don’t need to understand that (admittedly complex) math in order to know that it’s a scientific fact. EMF weakens exponentially with distance.

Look at how rapidly the power of EMF diminishes with distance!

So each additional inch – even millimeter – of distance that you put between yourself and the source of the EMF will have a big impact on your exposure. Literally every inch matters when it comes to your EMF exposure.

So, to reduce your EMF exposure, you want to maximize the distance between your body and your tech when it’s in use.

Healthy Living Tip #78: Don't Sleep With Your Phone

To slash your EMF exposure, don’t sleep with your phone.

  1. Don’t Sleep With Your Phone
    Many studies show that sleeping with your phone can significantly disrupt your sleep. In addition to that, if you sleep with your phone, you’re being exposed to cell phone radiation all night long – when you’re not even using the phone. So don’t bring it to bed, or turn it onto airplane mode if you do.
  2. Keep Your WiFi Router as Far Away as Possible
    As I mentioned above, WiFi routers are a significant source of EMF radiation in the home and office. And the closer you are to the router, the more powerful the EMF radiation is. So you can still enjoy WiFi – just keep the router as far away from where you and your family spend your time, to make a big difference in your exposure.
  3. Use Speakerphone or a Radiation Free Headset
    Just like you shouldn’t carry your phone in your pocket, you also shouldn’t hold your phone up to your head (and using Bluetooth headphones is not safe). In fact, this is even more important because when you’re making a call, your phone is emitting much more EMF radiation. So you should use a speakerphone or an anti-radiation headset.
  4. Don’t Use Your Laptop in Your Lap
    Just like phones shouldn’t be held against your body, neither should laptops. Despite their name, laptops aren’t for laps.
  5. Keep Your Furniture Away from Outlets
    All AC power – whether from our kitchen appliances or from the electrical lines that power them – emit EMF radiation. Power outlets can act as a more concentrated source of this radiation – especially when they have something plugged into them. So keep your furniture as far away from them as possible.

More Healthy Living Tips from SYB

These are ten specific examples of easy and simple ways to minimize your usage of EMF emitting devices, and maximize your distance from the EMF emitting devices when you do use them. 

By taking actions such as these, you can make a massive reduction in your exposure to harmful EMF radiation. 

These aren’t the only things you can do. Far from it. We actually have dozens of these SYB Healthy Living Tips posted for you, so you can take action, and take back control over your exposure to harmful EMF radiation from modern technology.

If you start making these conscious changes to your behavior, you can make a huge impact on your cumulative exposure to EMF, and start living healthier in modern society.

It’s with small, basic tactics like this that you can regain control over your EMF exposure.


Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Use EMF Protection Products?

Science and basic common sense tell us that the best EMF protection is free.

But, does that mean you shouldn’t use EMF protection products?

No. As someone who makes and sells EMF protection products, I obviously don’t believe or recommend that.

If you follow all the Healthy Living Tips, you’ll make a huge difference in your EMF exposure. But while the best EMF protection is free, good EMF protection products (like the ones I make and sell) can further reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. 

There are two main situations where EMF protection is your best option:

EMF Protection for When You Can’t Follow one of the Healthy Living Tips

Carrying Phones

For example, one of my SYB Healthy Living Tips is to not carry your phone in your pocket. This one can make a really big difference in your exposure.

But I have customers who have no choice. For example, there are people whose jobs require them to carry their phones on them all day long.

EMF Protection Product Solutions for Carrying Phones:

SYB 5G Phone Shield

Our SYB 5G Phone Shield makes it safer to carry your phone.

This is exactly why we make our SYB 5G Phone Shield and our SYB Phone Pouch – specifically to make it safer to carry your phone in your pocket, when you need to.

The SYB Phone Pouch is a pouch for you to carry your phone. Just place your phone inside the Pouch and then carry the Pouch in your pocket or on your belt, to shield you from up to 99% of your cell phone’s radiation emissions.

The SYB 5G Phone Shield is similar to the Pouch, but it’s designed for people who don’t want to use pouches or carry their phones on their belts. 

With our SYB 5G Phone Shield, you just put the 5G Phone Shield in the pocket where you carry your phone, in between your phone and your body. This effectively turns your pocket into a powerful cell phone radiation shield and makes it safer to carry your phone.

Since both products shield your phone on one side only – the side between your phone and your body – they provide effective shielding against EMF radiation without interfering with your cell phone reception or battery life.

And both products are lab tested to shield against the new 5G frequencies.

Sleeping With Phones

Despite the advice that you really shouldn’t sleep with your phone, sometimes you need to. This happened to me once. I had a relative who was ill and in a rehab center. I needed to be on-call to handle medical emergencies 24 hours a day. Which meant I needed to sleep with my phone.

EMF Protection Product Solution for Sleeping With Phones:

If you need to sleep with your phone, an anti-radiation shield like our SYB Picture Frame is a great solution. Just place the SYB Picture Frame on your night stand, between your phone and your body. This will allow you to keep your phone on, and still protect you against your phone’s EMF emissions while you sleep.

Using Your Laptop on Your Lap

SYB Laptop Pad, EMF Radiation & Heat Shield in Multiple Sizes & Colors

The SYB Laptop Pad makes it safer to use your laptop.

Another great example is using your laptop in your lap. As I mentioned above, you shouldn’t do this. But sometimes you need to or want to. 

For instance, if you’re working on your laptop while you’re traveling. Or if you prefer writing while curled up on your couch. 

EMF Protection Product Solution for Laptops:

We make our SYB Laptop Pad for that exact reason: it makes it safer to use your laptop in your lap. Just place your laptop on top of the SYB Laptop Pad to deflect your laptop’s EMF radiation and heat emissions away from your body and reproductive organs.

When the Source of EMF Radiation is Out of Your Control

In today’s world, we’re increasingly surrounded by more and more sources of EMF. And while you have control over some of them, with others, you don’t.

Smart Meters and Neighbors with WiFi

So, for example, an increasing number of people are having smart meters mounted on their homes. In many of these cases, people do not have the choice to opt-out: the power companies require it. 

Or, perhaps you live in an apartment, and your neighbor has a WiFi router right next to your wall.

In both of these examples, you are exposed to EMF radiation from sources that you don’t control. So EMF protection products can help protect you.

EMF Protection Product Solutions for Smart Meters and Neighbors with WiFi: 

SYB Poster Frame Liner to Shield Wireless EMF Radiation

The SYB Poster Frame Liner is a powerful – and attractive – way to protect against EMF sources that are out of your control.

These are a great example of why we make our SYB Poster Frame Liner and our SYB Flex Shields

Just put the SYB Poster Frame Liner in a frame and hang it on the wall where you want protection (directly opposite the smart meter, for example). This helps protect you – and because you can use your own art or photographs, it looks great too!

The SYB Flex Shields serve a similar purpose. Except instead of being designed to be mounted inside of a frame, they can be applied to any flat surface, like a wall or a desk. The Flex Shields are lined with a powerful adhesive, so they’ll stay in place and they are covered with a protective laminate to prevent damage and scratches. Each one is a 6” square, and you can combine them to cover a larger area, or easily cut them to any custom size.

Both our Poster Frame Liner and our Flex Shields are fantastic options to provide EMF shielding solutions for your whole house or in the office – anywhere you need shielding.



Even if you follow the Healthy Living Tips, and even if you actively work to minimize your exposure, your body is still exposed to EMF radiation all day long from sources you can’t control. 

It’s called electrosmog and it’s an inescapable fact of modern life (unless you live in an EMF free zone).

EMF Protection Product Solutions for Electrosmog:

The existence of electrosmog is why we make EMF protection apparel and EMF protection for babies

If you would like to protect your brain, neck or thyroid, our SYB Bandana is a great option. It’s made from a luxurious blend of silver and silk, and provides outstanding EMF protection. You can use it just like a normal bandana – wrapped around your head, or like a scarf around your neck – to protect these important and sensitive body parts against the damage from EMF radiation.

SYB Baby Blanket, EMF Protection Blanket

The SYB Baby Blanket and SYB Baby Beanie are stylish ways to reduce your baby’s exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

Similarly, our SYB Baby Blanket and SYB Baby Beanie provide effective EMF protection for your precious child, even against the sources of EMF outside of your control like electrosmog in the environment. As many health risks as adults face from EMF radiation, babies are at even greater risk from EMF.

Just wrap your baby in the blanket to protect his or her body (it also works great for pregnant women, to protect the mother, and the fetus while in utero). And have your baby wear the SYB Beanie to protect his or her delicate and still-forming brain against damage from EMF.

Or, for example, if you’re a man who’s concerned about his exposure to electrosmog (especially if you have concerns about conditions like fertility or prostate and testicular cancer), you can wear our SYB Boxer Briefs for comfortable protection against EMF radiation all day long.

What Makes EMF Protection Products from SYB Effective?

EMF protection products from SYB are effective because they are based on real, universally-accepted science. 

Our EMF protection devices really work.

Our SYB products use EMF shielding – a technology that has existed for almost two centuries, since the creation of the Faraday cage. EMF shielding works by creating a mesh of conductive or magnetic material to form a barrier that obstructs EM fields.

UCLA Shielding Effectiveness Tests of SYB™ Products

SYB’s EMF shielding products are laboratory tested.

And you can rest assured that our products work because they have been lab-tested, and we’ve posted videos of our products being tested for shielding effectiveness with several common EMF meters. In fact, we take our product claims so seriously, that we have a whole hub of EMF testing content posted so you can learn more about how we test, and how you can test for yourself.

And you can read the hundreds of reviews of our EMF protection for cell phones and other anti-radiation products to see for yourself how satisfied our customers are.

How to Pick the Right EMF Protection for You

If you’re ready to make the step to invest in EMF protection for your health, there are a few important points you should know. We’ll take you through some of these below and cover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about EMF protection.

What About Other Types of EMF Protection Products?

SYB makes EMF protection products that use EMF shielding technology. Our products are based on real science. And you can test our product claims for yourself using an EMF meter.

I’m frequently asked about other types of EMF protection products. And it’s a long list.

Products like: EMF pendants and charms; EMF harmonizers and neutralizers; EMF phone cases and stickers; crystals like shungite, orgonite and tourmaline.

I do not recommend EMF protection products that do not have any scientific basis, and whose product claims you cannot test for yourself.

As I explained above, EMF is completely invisible, and you can’t see, touch, smell or taste it. That means the EMF protection industry is ripe for abuse – and there are, sadly, companies who take advantage of unaware consumers, selling products that do not work.

Now, to be clear, I have several customers who have devices like orgonite EMF protection pendants. And they swear by them. They say they work to make them feel better and healthier. 

And that’s great. If an EMF protection product works for you, keep using it.

But if you’re looking to invest in EMF protection, I always recommend choosing a product that’s based on real science, with specific, measurable product claims, that you can read and verify for yourself.

Read the Product Claims in Detail

When selecting EMF protection solutions, it’s important to read the fine print to see what the company actually claims their product does. 

Healthy Living Tip #8: Read the Fine Print

Always read the fine print to see what an EMF protection product actually claims to do.

For example, consider the following questions:

  • What claims is the company making? 
  • Are they transparent about how their products are made and the materials they use?
  • Is there any science to support their claims?
  • If there’s science behind the products, what does it say and is it sound? 

I believe it’s important that anyone buying EMF protection understands what it does and how it works. Asking these questions (and ensuring you can get good answers to them) is a great place to start.

Use EMF Protection That Matches Your Lifestyle and Your Needs

Buying an electromagnetic protection product – even one that really works – won’t do you any good if it doesn’t actually protect you in real life, the way that you use your EMF-emitting technology.

First, consider where your biggest sources of EMF exposures are coming from. Do you carry your phone in your pocket? If you do, then our Phone Pouch can make a big difference. But if you don’t, our Pouch isn’t a good fit to protect you.

Do you hold your phone against your head while you make a call? If you do, then our Air Tube headset or our SYB Headset Anti Radiation Device are both great solutions for you to reduce your exposure to EMF. But if you always use your speakerphone, then our anti-radiation headset solutions aren’t the most efficient way to spend your money on EMF protection.

Do you use your laptop on your lap? If you don’t, then you can skip our Laptop Pad. But if you do, then our Laptop Pad is a great protection device for you.

Not all EMF protection is the same. Different products are made for different people, with different needs, in different situations. You want to invest in the protection that will make the biggest difference for you.

So when deciding which electromagnetic protection is right for you, think about:

  1. How you use your devices and what sources of EMF you’re most often exposed to
  2. What parts of your body receive the most exposure 

These two questions will help you determine which types of electromagnetic protection will most benefit you.


In short, the best EMF protection is free. It all comes down to which EMF-generating technology you choose to have in your life, and how you use it. 

And if you’re concerned about EMF radiation, then you can make changes to your behavior that will have a massive impact on your exposure.

EMF protection products also play an important role in reducing your exposure to radiation from modern technology. Just be sure to research which products actually work, and whether they match your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still unsure or don’t have time to read all of the above, here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about EMF protection.

What is the best EMF protection?
The best way to protect against EMF radiation is to minimize your usage of and maximize your distance from EMF-emitting devices. That’s why we say that the best EMF protection is free. When that’s not possible, use quality EMF protection products like those made by SYB.

What is the best EMF protection for cell phones?
To protect yourself from cell phone EMF, maximize your distance from your phone and keep it off or in airplane mode when not in use. For times when you need to have your phone with you, use the SYB 5G Phone Shield or SYB Phone Pouch to deflect EMF radiation.

How can you protect your home from EMF?
Protecting your home starts from the inside, so take measures like switching off your WiFi router at night and limiting smart devices. You can also use EMF shielding solutions for the home like the SYB Poster Frame Liner and SYB Flex Shields


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Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

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