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iPhone Wireless Charging and What it Means for Your Health

Rumors are swirling about what Apple is planning for the iPhone 8 release later this year. According to Business Insider, those rumors include Apple’s plans to include wireless charging in the next version of the iPhone:

Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, an industry group that develops a widely-used wireless charging standard…called Qi that insures interoperability among different products and brands that support wireless charging. Qi tech can be found on devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone, for example.

That isn’t the only reason for this rumor. Last year Apple began beefing up its staff with wireless charging experts. As well, Foxconn, one of Apple’s main manufacturing suppliers, has reportedly tested wireless charging for the iPhone 8. And, in fact, the Apple Watch already utilizes wireless charging (though it’s not based on the Qi tech).

Convenience with Wireless Charging

Ruined Apple Charging Cord
Has this happened to you?

With Qi wireless charging, all you have to do is drop your device on the charger and it’ll charge. Pretty nifty, right? No more fumbling to get your charging cable in your phone— charging cables that are ludicrously susceptible to damage and very pricey to replace.

So at first glance, the addition of wireless charging to the iPhone certainly seems to be very convenient.

So what’s the problem?

A Compounding Problem

It might be tempting to think of a cell phone or smart phone as a single source of EMF. But that’s not accurate. The iPhone already includes cell phone connectivity, wifi, bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity (to support functionality like Apple Pay). That’s four separate sources of EMF radiation.

Last year, Apple did away with the headphone jack on it’s iPhones, opting instead to encourage iPhone users to use their wireless AirPods. So that’s a fifth source of EMF radiation from a single iPhone device– and one that channels right into your ear canal, which is just inches away from your brain, without any bone to act as a natural EMF shield.

The introduction of wireless charging will add a sixth separate source of EMF radiation exposure for its customers. And, in fact, it’s not clear what type of regulations or testing (if any) these wireless chargers will be subjected to.

With each additional source of EMF radiation in these industry-leading smartphones, Apple is increasing their customers’ exposure to additional sources of radiation that the World Health Organization designates as a Class 2B Carcinogen.

Unknown Risks

What are the impacts on human health? What effect will this have on you and your family? The honest answer is “no one knows for sure” because there’s been no real or long-term tests on human health.

What’s more, the weak regulations on EMF exposure that do exist (established by the FCC) are all based on exposure from a single source of radiation. But your iPhone is about to become a source of six simultaneous exposures. All operating on discrete wavelengths. What’s the impact on human health of six simultaneous exposures from a single iPhone? Once again, no one can say for sure, because there’s been absolutely no testing done on the long term health effects of this scenario.

Each new wireless technology that Apple integrates into its iPhones, and then pushes on to consumers, increases the risk of negative health effects for its customers. And, to date, there are no signs that Apple is acting with the proper level of responsibility in testing and verifying that these technologies are safe. It’s reckless behavior that risks the health and lives of Apple’s customers.

But the issue extends even further than that. Apple, with its market share and brand dominance, is a trend setter. They’ve basically created the modern smart phone industry, and all the other manufacturers follow their lead. So Apple is paving the way for this to become a universal technology. And even non-iPhone users should be concerned.

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