The SYB Sleep Sanctuary Giveaway

The SYB Sleep Sanctuary Giveaway

Over $3,000 in Prizes!

September 22, 2020 is the 2nd annual EMF Radiation Safety Day.

We created this day in 2019 with the specific goal of helping to spread awareness of EMF radiation safety. And more than that, to help show people that we are not helpless against electromagnetic radiation. That there are specific actions we can all take to live healthier, with less exposure to this harmful radiation.

This year, we decided to focus on the bedroom. Because the bedroom is one of the single most important parts of your home– you spend so many hours there each and every day. And it’s not just normal time– it’s when you sleep. Which means it’s when you regenerate, recharge, recuperate, and restore your energy for the next day.

That’s why creating a sleep sanctuary is so important to your physical and emotional health.

So, as part of our 2nd Annual EMF Radiation Safety Day, we decided to run a contest to give away one of our $1,900 EMF Bed Canopies to one lucky winner.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted this to be bigger. And better. With more chances for you to win, and really turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary with luxury bedding and sleep accessories.

And so, to help us celebrate, and make this a truly amazing contest for all of you, several great brands joined up with us. Because creating a sleep sanctuary isn’t only about EMF protection. 

It’s about having solutions that improve the serenity of your bedroom and the quality of your sleep.

The contest ends on September 25. 16 winners will be selected and notified by email on September 28.


Prize Details


SYB EMF & 5G Bed Canopy

This Bed Canopy is the first product from Shield Your Body that protects you from all sources of EMF. And it protects your entire body all night long.

Sleep is an incredibly important part of our life. Not only is about 1/3rd of our life, but it’s a time when your body is supposed to rest, to recuperate, to rejuvenate for the next day.

And EMF disrupts our sleep. It makes it harder to fall asleep. It makes it harder to stay asleep. It makes it harder to get restful sleep.

And that’s why I’ve made the SYB Bed Canopy– to protect your entire body, all night long from EMF radiation. It even works against 5G.

This first version of my SYB Bed Canopy is designed for king sized beds. It’s 86.6″ wide x 86.6″ long x 86.6″ tall (220cm x 220cm x 220cm) and fits a standard king-sized bed.

And it also includes shielding floor mats, so you can create a fully enclosed protective space for your sleep. You’re protected in every single direction.


The Sleep Easy Method is an 8-week online program that teaches you everything you need to know to get amazing sleep every night.

Quality sleep is the foundation of your health. You can have the best diet and exercise program in the world, but if you’re not getting amazing sleep, then your efforts are wasted. When sleep is compromised, the whole body suffers.

Are you struggling with sleep?  If your sleep is anything less than amazing, then you need to check out the Sleep Easy Method. 


Magic Weighted Blanket

The Magic Weighted Blanket started business in 1998, when Keith Zivalich invented and began selling weighted blankets.

The blankets became a hit, especially with individuals with autism and/or sensory processing disorders because it was designed to mold to the body, creating the perfect hugging sensation (a feeling that many people with sensory processing disorders need to relax and get to sleep at night).

This hugging sensation is a form of Deep Pressure Therapy, which has been scientifically proven to help ease anxiety. The Magic Weighted Lap Pad and Magic Weighted Eye Cloud use the same concept, but tailor it to more specific areas. 


People sleep in different positions and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, yet for decades, pillows all came in one size. The truth is: companies produce one-size-fits-all products to increase their profits, disregarding the individuality of their customers.

At Coop Home Goods, we design our products in-house in Los Angeles with the philosophy of embracing people’s unique body types and sleep positions.

Through our customizable sleep products, you can maximize your comfort and achieve spinal alignment for the best rest of your life.


The Squishy Deluxe brand represents a line of comfort products utilizing premium microbeads.  Since the founding of our company, our number one goal has been to bring high quality comfort products and superb customer service to families at affordable prices.  At Squishy Deluxe, we want to help you spend less time searching, stressing and more time enjoying life with your loved ones. That’s why we hand-pick and carefully select each item and we personally visit and research each supplier before adding it to our line of comfort pillows and other travel products.

Enjoy personalized support from head to toe with your new Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow with Removable Cover.

This irresistibly comfy body pillow, can be molded to provide support in any shape—perfect for people with back pain. 


Aroma Retail offers scenting solutions for your space using famous resorts fragrances.

The winner will receive a set of 3 reed diffusers – a silent, no maintenance scenting solution for bedrooms, bathrooms, and desks, that can improve your sleep, concentration, and your overall mood. 


Sleep Artisan is an American family-owned and operated company with several years of experience in the organic bedding industry. 

We pride ourselves on handcrafting the finest quality bedding products with premium natural materials. 

All of our manufacturing is done in our California manufacturing facility with the highest quality components and an end-to-end quality control process in place.  It is our pleasure to provide products that contribute to a healthier life and better sleep!

The Neck Roll Bolster Pillow:

  • NEITHER TOO SOFT OR TOO HARD; This cervical roll pillow is made with our proprietary natural latex and poly silk fill with a zippered cover allowing easy adjust-ability in case you need it firmer or softer.
  • VERSATILE CYLINDRICAL PILLOW; Provides support and pain relief for neck, spine, lumbar and legs
  • MATERIALS MATTER; Natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant but best of all there is no chemical off-gassing like you get with memory foam – soft luxurious cover is a blend of organic cotton, polyester and hemp.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR HOME AND TRAVEL – carry bag included because you won’t want to leave home without it. Made in the USA


At Manta Sleep, we believe having quality sleep is the foundation for everything good that happens in life.

Driven by this belief, we are on a mission to give light sleepers control & mastery over your sleep. To give you the groundwork that empowers and enables everything else. This way, you can maximize the enjoyment of life and unlock your full potential. We’re not done yet. With our mission in mind, we continue to innovate on sleep masks, as well as other sleep accessories, so you can sleep better.

WEIGHTED is the only weighted mask designed, constructed and optimized for maximum relaxation in any environment.

Created to combine the soothing power of gentle pressure with the sensory relief of 100% blackout, WEIGHTED is for you whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, tension headaches or migraines.

Because gentle pressure = less stress = better sleep.

Prize Packages

Grand Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:

4th Prize:

5th Prize:

6th Prize:

10 Runner Ups:

  • Will receive a special-edition pair of white SYB Air Tube in-ear anti-radiation headsets.

About SYB

I founded SYB in 2012, inspired by the life’s work of my father, Dr. Martin Blank, with the mission of making technology safer for you to use and enjoy. 

I do this through education, and by manufacturing a growing catalog of laboratory-tested EMF protection products, including my SYB Phone Pouch, SYB Laptop Pad and SYB Bandana. 

And, unlike other EMF shielding companies, I ensure that each one of my products is tested at independent laboratories to ensure they provide powerful protection– even against 5G frequencies. And I post the lab results on the website for anyone to see.

We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in over 30 countries, so you can rest assured that not only are you investing in effective EMF protection, but I will do everything possible to ensure a great buying experience.

Shield Your Body with SYB 5G & EMF Protection

Lab-Tested Products– with Free Shipping & A Lifetime Warranty
& Tons of Free Information For You to Shield Your Body

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