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Creating an
EMF Sleep Sanctuary

Learn how to slash EMF in your bedroom.

And get better sleep– tonight!

EMF is a risk to your health, and harms your sleep.

But a lot of people who talk about sleep sanctuaries ignore EMF radiation in the bedroom.

You can't create a real sleep sanctuary unless you tackle EMF in your bedroom!

Of course, we want to reduce our exposure to EMF’s in all parts of our lives, but the bedroom really is the most important place. 

This is where we sleep and spend a third of our lives.

If there is one place we want to focus our EMF reduction efforts, it’s the bedroom– and that’s critical to creating a sleep sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones.

In this webinar, you'll learn:


As a special bonus, everyone who attends the webinar will get TWO free ebooks.

Free Ebook: How to Slash Bedroom EMF

Learn the key tips and techniques to create healthier, more restful sleep by cutting EMF in your bedroom.


Learn how you can test EMF radiation levels– and EMF protection products– for yourself.

These aren’t just lame 2-page infographics like you might be used to seeing. 

These are REAL ebooks, with incredibly useful and hard-to-find information about EMF.

About Cathy Cooke

Certified EMF Expert Cathy Cooke

Cathy Cooke is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist through the Building Biology Institute, and a board certified Holistic Nutritionist with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

She helps people achieve optimal health by addressing the body, mind, and home.

Cathy has been featured on numerous podcasts and webinars including: The Kelly O Show, The Project Kuwait, Learn True Health, The Divine Insight Show, The Lifestyle Locker with Dr. Josh Handt, A Whole New You, Natural Wellness Tips, The Skin You’re In, Digester’s Dilemma, Shield Your Body and others.

Previously, Cathy worked in the non-profit sector for nearly twenty years, including seven years as the Health and Safety Director for the American Red Cross of Alaska, managing the health and safety training department and responding to local and national disasters. 

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About Your Host

Our Founder & CEO, R Blank

R Blank is the host of “The Healthier Tech Podcast” and CEO of Shield Your Body, where it is our mission to help make technology safer for you to use and enjoy.

He is also the co-author, along with his father Dr. Martin Blank (one of the world’s leading EMF scientists), of ‘Overpowered‘ from Seven Stories Press about the science of health effects of EMF radiation, and he has taught on the faculty of the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering.

R has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and an undergraduate degree from Columbia University.

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