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Compare Blue Light Glasses: Shield Your Body Vs. DefenderShield

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If you’re looking to purchase blue light glasses but are confused about which brand to get, you’re at the right place. In this post, we’ll look at blue light glasses from two of the top brands in the EMF shielding space—SYB and DefenderShield—to help you choose the right ones for your needs.

Blue light glasses are one of the most discussed products since the pandemic. But why is everyone so obsessed with blue light glasses all of a sudden?

Why are Blue Light Glasses So Popular?

 “As many customers started working from home last year, we have seen a significant rise in demand for these [blue light filter] lenses,” Neil Blumenthal, CEO of Warby Parker, has said. “Last April, we saw a sizable increase specifically for nonprescription blue-light-filtering lenses, and we’ve seen this trend continue throughout the pandemic.”

But why this sudden increase?

This has to do with a growing body of research linking blue light exposure with low-quality sleep and sleep disorders like insomnia.

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A Bit About Blue Light

Blue light is one of the electromagnetic fields that sits in the visible light section of the electromagnetic spectrum. Usually, we’re exposed to blue light from the sun. And since the sun goes down in the evening, evolution shaped our circadian rhythm to reference blue light from the sun to regulate melatonin production in our body.

In simple words, you feel tired in the evening because you aren’t seeing the blue light from the sun. The absence of this light is how your body knows that it’s time to slow down and get ready for a good night’s rest.

But the problem is that modern gadgets with LED screens emit the same kind of blue light the sun does. And since we don’t stop using our gadgets when the sun goes down, it affects our circadian rhythms. This creates problems like inability to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, waking up tired, and more.

Learn more about blue light in my post, “What Is Blue Light? Is Blue Light From Electronic Gadgets Bad for Your Health?

So, what can you do to protect yourself from the blue light that digital screens emit?

Well, trying to not use screens in the evening can do wonders. But obviously, this is not feasible for everyone. Besides that, screens aren’t the only source of our artificial blue light exposure. Fluorescent and LED lighting also emits significant amounts of blue light.

So, we needed another solution. And that’s how glasses with blue light filter lenses were born.

Blue light lenses are like any other lenses, just with an added layer of blue light filtering material. When you wear them, they protect your eyes from artificial blue light, helping revert your circadian rhythm to its natural state.

Shield Your Body (SYB) and DefenderShield (DS) are two of the market’s most-liked blue light glasses manufacturers. And in this post, we’ll compare our glasses with DS’s, so you can make an informed choice based on your needs.

But before that, let’s have a closer look at both companies.

Shield Your Body

Founded in 2012, Shield Your Body is one of the global leaders in the EMF protection space.

With an ever-growing science-based, lab-tested product catalog, and hundreds of resources on EMF protection, SYB is on a mission to make it easier for people to live healthier lives alongside modern technology.

Today, Shield Your Body helps thousands of people learn about EMF and protect themselves from its adverse effects.


The EMF protection market is incomplete without DefenderShield. Since 2011, DS has helped many people learn about EMF and protect themselves from the health problems that tag along with prolonged EMF exposure.

Because of their expertise and huge catalog of lab-tested EMF shielding products, DS is a go-to brand for thousands of people when it comes to EMF protection.

SYB Blue Light Glasses Vs. DS Blue Light Blocking Glasses Line

Both SYB & DefenderShield produce powerful blue light glasses to protect you from blue light-induced health problems.

This post is not to determine the superiority of glasses from either company. Instead, this post aims to give you all the facts, so you can make an informed decision based on your individual requirements.

Have a look at the differences between the blue light glasses from SYB and DefenderShield.

Glasses TypeClear All Day GlassesOrange/Amber Tint Glasses
FramesStylish Black FramesHigh-End Acetate Frames
Blue Light Protection %Clear Lenses: 35% ProtectionAmber Lenses: 50% Protection / Orange Lenses: 99% Protection
UsabilityAll Day UseSpecific Use
Who Can Use?UnisexUnisex
AccessoriesCase, Microfiber Pouch, Microfiber cloth, Blue Light testing kitPouch, Microfiber cloth

A Deeper Comparison

Let’s look deeper at the features of SYB and DS’s blue light glasses.


The level of protection they provide is the most critical aspect of blue light glasses. So, let’s look at that first.

Shield Your BodyDefenderShield

Shield Your Body offers clear all-day glasses that block 35% of the blue light coming towards your eyes.

You can wear these glasses all day without any changes in your body’s natural process. The reason our lenses are clear is that you need some amount of blue light to activate your biological systems during the day.

During the day, blue light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function and elevates mood.

So, if you completely block blue light even during the day, your body won’t turn on activity mode, creating a different problem. Clear blue light lenses regulate the amount of blue light your eyes receive.

So, you still get the amount of blue light you’re supposed to get from the sun. And since there won’t be sun in the evening, it shields enough blue light to help your body trigger its rest mode.
DefenderShield features four different types of glasses with two types of lenses. The yellow tint lenses block 50% of blue light, and the orange tint lenses block 99%.

Although you can wear the yellow tint during the day, you may get better results if you keep your use situation-specific.

This means you can wear your yellow tint glasses while using your computer or phone during the day and take them off when you’re not using them.

The orange tint is strictly designed for nighttime use. Since you don’t need blue light at night, the orange tint helps your eyes settle down more naturally.  


Both companies feature highly reasonable pricing.

SYB GlassesPriceDS GlassesPrice
SYB Blue Light Glasses$39.00Universal Fitover Series$49.99
SYB Blue Light Clip-On Glasses $12.00Versa Readers$59.99
  Signature Series$49.99
  Kids Series$24.99


Many of you reading this wear prescription glasses. And once prescription glasses are made, there isn’t much room for customization. So, adding a blue light filter layer to those glasses isn’t an option.

To solve this, SYB has clip-ons that you can simply attach to your prescription frames to turn them into blue light glasses.

And DS’s Universal Fitover Series sits comfortably over your prescription glasses to provide a blue light shielding layer on top of your prescription frames.

Ease of Use

Both glasses are incredibly lightweight, so you can get used to them fairly quickly. Here’s how glasses from both SYB and DefenderShield weigh.

Shield Your BodyWeightDefenderShieldWeight
SYB Blue Light Glasses0.011 lbsUniversal Fitover Series0.10 lbs
SYB Clip-On Glasses0.004 lbsVersa Readers0.10 lbs
  Signature Series0.10 lbs
  Kids Series0.10 lbs

A Small Investment for Your Health

Screens have become a part of our livelihood in the 21st century. So, taking measures to protect our eyes has become extremely crucial.

Although blue light’s effects may seem insignificant, in the long term, too much blue light exposure can cause severe and even chronic health problems. Getting blue light glasses is a small investment that goes a long way towards protecting you and your loved ones from these problems.

But how do you know which pair is the best for you?

Making the Choice

It’s pretty simple, actually. Look at your daily life and the amount of screentime you endure.

If your job requires you to sit at your computer all day or use your phone frequently, I recommend getting SYB Blue Light Glasses or SYB Clip-On Glasses (if you wear prescription glasses). As I mentioned, they’re clear lenses designed to be worn comfortably all day, every day.

You can also wear them in the evening. Because of the absence of sunlight, the clear lenses work perfectly well to prevent blue light from interfering with your circadian rhythm.

You might also prefer the aesthetic of clear lenses if you’re wearing them outside the home.

If you don’t use screens all day, you can go with DS’s yellow tint lenses to set your eyes to the natural rhythm if and when there’s a chance of heavy screen use.

Orange tint lenses should be strictly used in the evening only as they completely block blue light.


Whether it be from Shield Your Body or DefenderShield, be sure to get blue light filter glasses. As I already said, it’s a small investment toward your and your loved ones’ health and well-being.

Modern technology is amazing, and undeniably, it has elevated humanity to a level that people a mere 200 years ago could only dream of.

But, as Marian Wright Edelman once said, “In every seed of good, there is always a piece of bad.” Modern technology, as good as it is, also has a bad side.

Per research studies, prolonged technology use affects you physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

So, if you continue to ignore its bad side, sooner or later, it will hurt you.

Learn more about SYB’s Bluelight Glasses
Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

Want to learn more about EMF?

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