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Comparing EMF Protection Baseball Caps: SYB Vs Lambs

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The human brain, a marvel of evolution, is up against a modern foe: EMF pollution. Studies say that prolonged EMF exposure can have concerning implications for your brain health.

This includes compromising the blood-brain barrier, leading to albumin leakage, and increasing the risk of neurological disorders such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

You can learn more about the effects of EMF on the human brain in my post, “EMF & Brain Health.

Luckily, these problems are avoidable, just by minimizing your brain’s exposure to EMFs as much as possible. But of course, this is easier said than done, especially in our modern world where almost everything is connected wirelessly.

That’s where EMF protection products come in. But here’s the catch: there’s a ton of them out there – all designed to protect your brain. So, how do you know which one is for you?

I’m here to help you figure that out. I’m putting two big names in EMF shielding – SYB and Lambs – head-to-head, comparing their EMF protection headwear. So, when you decide to get one for yourself, you have the information you need to get one that works and best fits your needs.

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Let’s begin.

Note: This article is based on research conducted using publicly available information about both companies. Our aim is not to declare one company superior to the other, but rather to present the facts as they are. We encourage readers to verify the information independently for a more comprehensive understanding.

The Science Behind EMF Protective Clothing

If you’re new to this community and don’t know much about electromagnetic fields, I recommend first reading our “EMF Explained in Simple Words“ post. It has everything you need to start educating yourself on the topic.

So, what is EMF protective clothing?

EMF protective clothing is a special type of apparel that contains conductive or semi-conductive materials that can absorb and deflect electromagnetic waves.

These clothes essentially form a shield that blocks the penetration of EMFs, limiting their impact on the wearer’s body.

By preventing direct contact with the skin, these apparels reduce your risk of developing EMF-induced health problems.

In simple words, they’re powerful EMF shields that look, feel, and work like your everyday clothes, so you can protect yourself from EMF without compromising your style.

Common Materials Used in EMF Protective Clothing

Manufacturers use a variety of materials to produce EMF protective clothing. Some common materials include silver threads, stainless steel fibers, and conductive carbon-based fabrics.

Silver Mesh Used in EMF Protective Clothing

These materials have high conductivity and help in redirecting or dissipating EMF away from the body.

Sometimes, these manufacturers also blend these metals with other textiles to provide comfort and durability.

In fact, most manufacturers lean towards silver threads to create their products because of their excellent conductivity.

Stainless steel fibers are another popular choice as they have similar conductive properties to silver threads.

And while the use of conductive carbon-based fabrics in EMF protective clothing is rare, we do see it time after time.

Choosing the Right EMF Protection Headwear

So, now that you have a basic understanding of EMF shielding apparel’s design and how they function, let’s turn our attention to a specific and crucial aspect of EMF shielding: headwear.

The head, housing our most vital organ, the brain, warrants special consideration when it comes to EMF protection. And both SYB and Lambs offer products designed for this specific purpose.

The rest of the article will help you decide which one best fits your specific needs.

SYB (Shield Your Body)

Initiated by R Blank in 2012, Shield Your Body (SYB) emerged as a crucial response to the escalating exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our modern environment. This initiative stands as a testament to the legacy of Dr. Martin Blank, a prominent EMF scientist, whose extensive research and dedication have paved the way in this field.

SYB’s mission is to harmonize technological advancements with personal health.

Over the years, SYB has expanded its reach worldwide, gaining recognition for its innovative solutions like the SYB Phone Pouch and SYB Laptop Pad, designed to mitigate EMF exposure.

Addressing the ubiquitous challenge of EMF in our digital age, SYB emphasizes both education and actionable solutions.

With a global footprint in over 30 countries, SYB continues to encourage a movement toward a healthier lifestyle, in tandem with the rapid evolution of technology


The SYB Cap is a unique product designed to protect your brain from EMF.

Crafted with SaferBody™ Silver 42, a material tested for 5G protection (up to 26 GHz), the SYB Cap shields up to 99% of harmful EMFs coming toward your head.

The best part, this cap not only prioritizes your safety but also takes your style and comfort into account.

The SYB Cap

With a classic “dad hat” style, a curved brim, and a soft crown, you can wear the SYB cap every day without ever compromising your style or feeling discomfort.

Besides style and comfort, SYB also hasn’t forgotten about its diverse range of users. The cap features versatile sizing and a resizable clasp, making it an ideal choice for wearers ranging from children to adults.

But don’t let its stylish look fool you, this is a powerful EMF shield, tested in independent laboratories and verified by thousands of users.

In fact, you can verify its shielding effectiveness at home using an EMF meter.

Learn more about how to do that on SYB’s post entitled, “What is EMF Testing and How to Do It Yourself.

And finally, the SYB Cap has a non-interfering nature. This means it shields the user without affecting the reception, performance, or battery life of any personal devices – a critical feature in our connected world.

How EMF Radiation Protection Works from SYB

SYB’s range of EMF Protection Products is deeply rooted in the long-standing scientific principles of EMF shielding, a concept pioneered by the renowned Michael Faraday in the 19th century.

Faraday, a seminal figure in the field of electromagnetism, introduced the revolutionary concept of the Faraday cage in 1836.

Shield Your Body Logo

This discovery has profoundly influenced the development of protective technologies against electromagnetic fields.

Drawing inspiration from his historical scientific achievements, SYB has managed to develop EMF shielding techniques that allow it to manufacture products that look elegant enough for everyday use while still being powerful enough to shield and deflect 99.9% of detrimental electromagnetic field radiation.

You can compare the functionality of the SYB EMF protection technique to a window shade.

They don’t mess with the light source but keep the harsh lights out. In the same way, SYB’s products don’t interfere with your devices, but they protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields.

If you have more questions regarding how SYB products work, the extremely skilled SYB customer support is always at your service.

Contact SYB:


Lambs positions itself at the vanguard of a health-focused revolution in the apparel industry.

In a world of ever-expanding digital connectivity, Lambs is dedicated to offering protective clothing, aiming to balance the use of modern technology with health considerations for a brighter future.

Lambs Logo

At the heart of Lambs’ ethos, as they state, is the amalgamation of scientific knowledge and personal wellness. The company asserts a strong commitment to analyzing and sharing objective scientific research on the health impacts of wireless radiation. Their strategy extends beyond mere protection, striving to boost overall health and well-being.

Lambs emphasizes their dedication to transparency and maintaining high standards. They assert that their health-enhancing apparel undergoes rigorous testing, earning trust on a global level.

Lambs Faraday Beanie

The Lambs Faraday Beanie emerges as an elegant and practical solution for protecting the brain from EMFs.

Infused with cutting-edge WaveStopper™ Technology, this beanie is adept at blocking 99% of EMF radiation from common sources like cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Faraday Beanie by Lambs

Crafted for comfort and style, the beanie is designed to fit snugly, molding to the wearer’s head after a few uses for a perfect fit.

The combination of cotton, pure silver fibers, and polyester in the WaveStopper™ fabric makes up the inner lining, offering both EMF protection and a comfortable feel.

The outer layer, made of 100% acrylic, ensures durability while maintaining a fashionable look.

The Lambs Faraday Beanie is not just a protective accessory but a fusion of modern technology and sleek design.

Lambs’ Approach to EMF Shielding

At the core of their strategy is the WaveStopper™ Technology, a sophisticated system inspired by the protective gear used in space suits.

This technology is engineered to offer a robust defense against electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, which is increasingly prevalent in our modern, tech-saturated environment.

The principle behind WaveStopper™ is a method that prevents EMF radiation from penetrating the fabric. They achieve this by weaving a dense grid of conductive silver fibers throughout their clothing.

They closely knit these fibers to create an effective barrier against radiation, blocking 99% of wireless radiation from common sources like cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Lambs take this technology a step further by ensuring that their products are not only protective but also comfortable and wearable.

The SilverFlex™ fibers used in WaveStopper™ provide additional benefits like antimicrobial properties, heat regulation, and hypoallergenic features, making the clothing safe and comfortable for everyday use.

In short, Lambs’ approach to EMF shielding combines cutting-edge technology, user comfort, and scientific validation to provide a solution that effectively shields against EMF radiation while fitting seamlessly into everyday life.

SYB Vs Lambs EMF Protection Headwear: Head-To-Head Comparison

CharacteristicsSYB CapLambs Faraday Beanie
MaterialsEach cap is lined with 42% silver fibers, 53% cotton and 5% nylon.  Each cap is lined with 42% silver fibers, 53% cotton, and 5% nylon.  
Size OptionsOne size fits mostOne size fits most
Color VarietyBlackBlack, Gray, Red
Shielding EffectivenessLaboratory tested for 5G, up to 26 GHz, to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation.Lab test unavailable.
5G Shielding?Yes (Up to 26GHz, which also covers the later stages of 5G)Lab test unavailable.
Ease of UseEach Beanie is made using a blend of 53% cotton, 42% pure silver fibers, 5% polyester.Designed to shape around your head, it will slowly adjust to the size of your head after a few wears for ideal comfort.


When deciding between the SYB Cap and the Lambs Faraday Beanie, it’s important to consider both their distinctive features and how they align with your needs and preferences.

The SYB Cap, designed in the style of a classic “dad hat,” is an excellent choice for those who prefer a traditional cap aesthetic.

Ideal for casual outdoor activities or sports, it combines EMF protection with a familiar and comfortable design. Its SaferBody™ technology provides effective shielding against EMF radiation while its design maintains the look and feel of a conventional cap.

In contrast, the Lambs Faraday Beanie, with its snug beanie-style fit, is particularly suited for cooler climates or for users who favor full head coverage.

Its WaveStopper™ Technology not only offers robust EMF protection but also brings additional features like antimicrobial properties and heat regulation.

This beanie is a perfect fit for those who prioritize comprehensive head coverage and the extra benefits of the specialized fabric.

Both the SYB Cap and the Lambs Faraday Beanie serve the fundamental purpose of shielding against EMF radiation, but they cater to different lifestyles and aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a cap that fits into your everyday outdoor activities or a beanie that offers both warmth and protection, the choice depends on your personal style, climate considerations, and specific health concerns related to EMF exposure.

Each product presents a unique blend of style, comfort, and EMF protection, ensuring that users can find a solution that best fits their needs in our technology-driven world.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, surrounded by a constant barrage of electromagnetic fields, protecting our brain — the epicenter of our thoughts and actions — has become crucial.

The SYB Cap and the Lambs Faraday Beanie emerge not just as mere accessories but as vital shields in this silent battle against EMF radiation.

These products are more than just headwear; they represent a crucial step toward safeguarding our cognitive health.

As we embrace the digital age, it’s imperative to remember the importance of EMF protection. Products like the SYB Cap and the Lambs Faraday Beanie are essential tools for a healthier life amidst our technology-driven world.

They symbolize our resilience and adaptability, offering a way to coexist in a safer way with the technologies that envelop our daily lives.

In essence, SYB and Lambs are the champions of our well-being, guiding us toward a future where health and technology harmoniously intertwine.

Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.

Want to learn more about EMF?

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About the Author

R Blank is the CEO of Shield Your Body, which he founded in 2012. With hundreds of thousands of customers in over 30 countries, and having been interviewed on platforms including Dr. Phil, ABC news television and ElectricSense, R is an internationally followed expert on issues of EMF, health and safety. He also hosts “The Healthier Tech Podcast”, available Apple, Spotify and all major podcasting platforms. In the past, he served on the faculty at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering as well as the University of California, Santa Cruz. Previously, R ran a software engineering firm in Los Angeles, producing enterprise-level solutions for blue chip clients including Medtronic, Apple, NBC, Toyota, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, Ford, IKEA and Mattel. He has spoken at conferences around the world, including in the US, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and he is the co-author, along with his father Dr. Martin Blank, of ‘Overpowered‘ from Seven Stories Press about the science of health effects of EMF radiation. He has an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and received his bachelor’s degree, with honors, from Columbia University. He has also studied at Cambridge University in the UK; the University of Salamanca in Spain; and the Institute of Foreign Languages in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Read more about R and SYB or connect with R on LinkedIn.

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