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Reduce Your Kids’ EMF Exposure – Without Taking Away Their Apps & Games

Here’s a way to dramatically reduce your kids’ EMF exposure: replace the apps and games on their devices with offline alternatives. Cell phones can be

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Low EMF Products: Yes They’re Possible. Here Are 4 Of The Best.

Is it possible for tech companies to create low EMF versions of their products? At first thought, the answer is no: most gadgets connect to

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EMF free toys for children

EMF-Free Toys for Kids: Why You Shouldn’t Use Gadgets to Tutor & Entertain Your Kids

From shopping to communication, entertainment to education, we’re tech-dependent in most areas of our lives. And this dependence is being transferred to our children as

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Is WiFi In Schools Causing Cancer?

Is WiFi In Schools Causing Cancer?

Today the majority of schools are WiFi-connected. And although this really helps the students with their studies, experts are concerned that WiFi in schools may

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Is My Child Ready for a Smartphone? It's Better to Delay

Is My Child Ready for a Smartphone? It’s Better to Delay.

If you are a parent and your child is in their pre or early teens, this question has certainly crossed your mind at least once:

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Children and EMF

Babies and EMF: Why The Young Have More Health Risks

EMF radiation has the potential to adversely impact all living things. Babies are even more vulnerable to health risks from exposure to EMF radiation. Here’s

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Where do you carry your phone?

Want to Slash Your EMF Health Risks?

Good! Learn the one small change you should make right now.