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The Best WiFi Router EMF Protection: Keep it Far Away

EMF radiation is a serious threat to a person’s health. And your WiFi router is a major source of that radiation. That’s why it’s important to use EMF protection with your WiFi router. Which brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #15: keep your WiFi router radiation as far away from you as possible.

Healthy Living Tip #15: Keep Your Router As Far Away As Possible

There are two key ways to reduce and cut out EMF radiation from your life. These two ways are:

  1. Minimizing use of devices that emit EMF, and
  2. Maximizing your distance from those sources.

A huge source of EMF radiation comes from your home internet router. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you turn your wifi router off when not in use or when you are sleeping. You can do this by unplugging it or by putting it on a timer. Some routers even come with a built-in timer for this very purpose.

However, we realize you can’t always shut off your home router, especially if you use it for work or school. So your other option to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation from your router is to maximize your distance from it.

The farther away the router is from your body the better. As a minium precaution 10 feet is decent, however if you can get the router 20, 30, or 40 feet away (or even further) from your body, that’s even better.

Here are several other ways to maximize the distance between you and your home router:

  • The best place to have a router is most likely in an office or a place where people don’t hang out for long periods of time. Never put a router in your bedroom or place where you sleep.
  • If you have an attached garage and can put the router in the garage. This works well to help limit your exposure.
  • Your laundry room may also be a good area to keep your router if you don’t spend long periods of time in there.
  • Keep routers out of the kitchen and living areas where you spend a lot of time, especially your family room.
  • Never put the router in a baby’s room or child’s room.

EMF radiation exposure is a serious health threat to you and the family members that live in your home. If you must keep your router on, be sure to find an area in your home where people will get the least exposure from it. The more distance between you and your router, the less exposure you will get from EMF radiation. It’s tips like this that are why I always say the best EMF protection is free.

SYB Angled Acrylic Table Top Picture Frame to Shield EMF Radiation, Holds Two 5"x7" Photos
Just put your SYB Picture Frame between your router and where you sit for wifi router EMF protection.

If you can’t move your router further away (if, for example, you’re at work and the router is fixed in place by your employer)– or even if you can, but you want more protection– another option to reduce your exposure to WiFi radiation is the SYB Picture Frame.

The SYB Picture Frame is designed to offer wifi router EMF protection without interfering with your internet!

Made right here in the USA, our SYB Picture Frame is exactly what it sounds like: an attractive 5×7”, semi-transparent picture frame. You can insert a picture onto each side of the frame, and it’s light, portable, slim, and self-supporting.

Oh, and it shields you from EMF radiation at all times. Let’s look at an example.

Just put your favorite photos in the frame, and place it on your desk or table, between your router and where you spend your time. The frame will then deflect your wifi router EMF radiation away from your body.

And because you put in your own favorite photographs, you won’t even know there’s a powerful EMF shielding device there protecting you!

How can a picture frame block EMF radiation?

Within each picture frame there is a finely-woven mesh of nickel and copper-coated polyester. This forms a barrier which deflects up to 99% of incident radiation.

See how powerful our SYB Picture Frame really is at blocking EMF radiation from your WiFi router.

The best part is that the SYB Picture Frame doesn’t interfere with your WiFi connection– your internet will still work perfectly well. Our Picture Frame only blocks radiation in one specific direction, which makes the SYB Picture Frame ideal for providing EMF anywhere you need it– like protecting you from your cell phone’s radiation emissions on your nightstand.

To learn more, you can read more about how our SYB Picture Frame works.

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