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Yes, Some EMF is Natural; That Doesn’t Mean it’s All Safe

Some EMF is natural. Humans have been exposed since the dawn of time to naturally-occurring non-ionizing EMF radiation.

The earth has a natural magnetic field. The sun, like all stars, emits non-ionizing EMF that reaches our planet’s surface (so-called galactic radiation). This type of EMF is natural.

Some people (let’s call them ‘EMF skeptics’) argue that since some non-ionizing EMF is natural, this means radiation from your cell phone is obviously safe.

After all, why would non-ionizing EMF from cell phones be any more dangerous than the earth’s own magnetic field?

Some EMF is Natural

Well, to start, let’s be clear: the skeptics are definitely correct that humans (like all life on earth) evolved with a certain amount of exposure to naturally occurring non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

But that’s where these skeptics start ignoring basic facts.

The fact is the amount of naturally occurring non-ionizing EMF radiation that humans evolved to cope with is infinitesimally small compared to what we’re all exposed to in modern society, each and every day of our lives.

All the EMF-emitting technology that’s been rolled out over the last 140 years (since the invention of the lightbulb) completely dwarfs the natural levels of EMF that our bodies learned to cope with over millennia of evolution.

Today, we’re swimming in a sea of electrosmog that our species did not evolve to live in. Our bodies are not built to cope with these forces.

Rain is good.
Living underwater? Not so much.

Let’s put this another way.

EMF is Natural
Some Water, like some EMF, is natural. But unless we evolve gills, we can’t live underwater.

Water is naturally occurring. It rains. Humans, and all life on earth, evolved to cope with and depend on rain.

Rain isn’t particularly dangerous (unless we’re talking about a massive storm). In fact, it’s good for us.

It feeds the soil. It replenishes our reservoirs. It makes plant life possible, which in turn makes animal life possible.

Now let’s imagine that over the past 140 years, we added more and more water to our atmosphere. So much that we’re now living underwater.

Obviously, we’d die. While our bodies are perfectly suited to living in an atmosphere with some rain, it doesn’t mean we’re built to live underwater.

And we can’t evolve gills overnight.

But that’s exactly what these skeptics argue is the case with EMF.

They claim that because a tiny little bit of non-ionizing EMF is naturally occurring, that any amount of non-ionizing EMF is safe. It’s an absolutely ludicrous argument. It’s insane.

It’s a Red Herring

Just because a little bit of something is safe, doesn’t mean a whole lot of that same thing is safe. That’s just not how life works.

What’s more, the number of sources of EMF radiation in our lives continues to explode at an exponential rate. So the problem keeps getting worse and worse. The sea of electrosmog just keeps getting bigger– much faster than life can evolve to cope with these environmental stresses.

So, while it is definitely true that there are forms of EMF that are natural, and around which life has evolved, that simply does not mean that all forms of non-ionizing EMF radiation are safe. That argument is a red herring.

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