How Does EMF Affect Me?

“Will my cell phone give me cancer?”

I get that question a lot. An awful lot.

And it’s not just that question. I get a lot of similar ones, like:

And many more. Once you start, the questions pile up.

And that’s entirely natural. Because once people learn about EMF radiation, and hear some of the concerns on the news or online, it’s perfectly normal to wonder what the truth really is.

A lot of the time, people ask me specifically about cell phones. In fact, most questions I get like this really boil down to “what is my cell phone doing to me?”

Now, to be clear, cell phones are far from the only source of EMF in the environment to which we’re all exposed. But they’re a really common source– we all have a cell phone. And we tend to have them on, and in our pocket or hand, or laying next to us in bed, for a huge chunk of every day.

Answering questions like “what is my cell phone doing to me?” or “will my cell phone give me cancer?” isn’t easy. Life doesn’t work that simply. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We’re all exposed to EMF from so many different sources, so you can’t just isolate your cell phone radiation exposure from all your other exposures in an epidemiological study.
  2. Different cell phones emit different levels of radiation, depending on the model, the cellular service, and how good the connection is.
  3. People use cell phones in different ways. Some always use speakerphone or a headset, others hold the phones up to their heads. Some people carry phones in their pockets, others don’t. 
  4. People’s bodies are just different. Some people have physiologies that allow them to heal quicker, or respond to different stimuli differently.

BUT while science can’t tell you definitively whether your phone will give you cancer, there are literally thousands of high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific studies linking exposure to human-made EMF with numerous negative health effects, including sleep disruption, melatonin suppression and leakage of the blood brain barrier– all the way up to cancer and infertility.

(And if you are interested in that, I highly recommend you check out the BioInitiative Report, which surveys thousands of these studies, and conveniently summarizes their findings.)

Rather than overwhelm you with that information, what I’ve done instead is take some of the information that science has shown us, and put them into free ebooks that you can download right now.

And that’s what you’ll find in these ebooks: real, high-quality, peer-reviewed science. I’ve summarized a lot of this information, and included direct links to the studies and citations if you want to learn more.

The information in these ebooks is mostly about cell phones, since that’s what I’m most frequently asked about.

So that you can get a better sense of what impact EMF is actually having on you and the ones you love.

Step 1) Get Your Free Ebooks on EMF and Health

What Every Man Needs to Know

Get Your Free EBook about Men and Cell Phones

What Every Woman Needs to Know

Get Your Free Ebook on Women and EMF

What Every Parent Needs to Know

Get Your Free Ebook About Children and EMF

Step 2) Read More on the SYB Blog

Those ebooks are a great way to start learning about this topic.

To dive a bit deeper, you can now read through some posts on our blog. 

Recent Posts on EMF Education from the SYB Blog

Step 3) How Can I Protect Myself?

Now you know a lot more about how EMF can affect you and the ones you love.

So what can you do about it? How can you protect yourself from EMF radiation?

I have some good news for you:

The BEST EMF Protection is FREE!

That’s right. Free. It’s not a joke. It’s not a gimmick.

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