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Want to Introduce your Audience to EMF & 5G?

Want to Introduce your Audience to EMF & 5G?

But Not Quite Sure How?

EMF and 5G are hot topics these days– and interest just keeps growing.

But it’s confusing, too. With a lot of misinformation, alarmism and scams out there.

Our CEO– industry thought leader, public speaker, educator and published author– R Blank is available to speak to your group, absolutely free. In a webinar, in an interview– whatever works best for you.

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What People Say

R has such a clear way of explaining all of these topics. I've tried learning about EMF before, but the information was always so confusing, or given in a way that felt irrelevant to my life. Now I have a much better understanding of why this stuff matters.

I particularly appreciate the fact that you are educating all of us who are not trained engineers, and do it in a manner that is useful information. Your work helps me learn, and then explain to customers who know even less that I do, what they are being exposed to and why different products will be helpful for them.

Thank you for quick and concise information. I have grown very weary of most authors of “health information” and want you to know your style is refreshing and informative!

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