EMF Pollution Isn’t a By-Product; EMF Is The Product

EMF Pollution Isn't a By-Product; EMF Is The Product

One of the challenges we face at SYB is educating customers. After all, EMF radiation, exposure and health effects are complex subjects. EMF pollution is one of the only forms of pollution that is invisible and odorless– you can’t feel, touch, see or taste it– which makes it even more difficult to understand. EMF has another characteristic that makes it relatively unique among forms of pollution. And that is the fact that EMF pollution isn’t a by-product— it IS the product.

What do I mean by that?


Sometimes customers ask us why our Phone Pouch shields against EMF on only one side of the Pouch (the back side, which is the side between your phone and your body). Or why our Laptop Pad only shields EMF from the bottom of your laptop, and not the entire laptop. The answer has to do with the nature of EMF pollution.

When people think of pollution, they often think of factories dumping waste into a river, barges dumping trash into the oceans, or smokestacks bellowing black clouds into the sky. In each of these cases, the pollution that’s being released into the atmosphere is a by-product.

In the case of a steel plant, for example, the plant doesn’t exist to create foul smoke– the foul smoke is a by-product of creating the steel. And plastic bottles don’t exist just to be dumped into the ocean– it’s just a by-product of the way we use plastic bottles. The same is true for cars; cars don’t exist to emit toxic fumes into the air, it’s just a by-product of combustion engines.

In each of these cases, the pollution that enters our atmosphere is a by-product. The pollution, while damaging, is incidental. And as a result, it can be curtailed. Factories can (if they choose, or if forced by regulation) adopt cleaner ways of producing their products. Cars can be made more efficient to the point where they emit no pollution at all. Plastic bottles can be recycled. And so on.

EMF Pollution is Fundamentally Different

This is not the case with EMF. The wireless technologies (such as cell phones, cordless phones and wifi) rely on EMF to communicate. You can’t stop a cell phone from emitting EMF radiation and still expect it to work. You can’t stop a cell tower from emitting EMF radiation and expect it to work. You can’t cut off EMF emissions from a wifi router and expect it to work.

In other words, wireless technology is built around EMF emissions. EMF emissions are precisely how wireless technology communicates. Cut out the EMF, and your wifi router is completely useless, because it won’t be able to communicate wirelessly.

And this is a critical characteristic of EMF for people to understand. While EMF is definitely a form of pollution, it is a relatively unique type of pollution– you can’t get rid of it, unless we give up wireless technology. And that’s not going to happen.

What You Can Do

So EMF pollution is an inexorable aspect of wireless technology, and you can’t just eliminate it from the equation. But there are ways to reduce your exposure. One way is distance.

When you dump foul chemicals into a river, or belch carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, that pollution can end up traveling around the world. EMF is different. EMF radiation dissipates quite rapidly. In fact, the power of EMF pollution diminishes exponentially with distance. So the further away you are from the source of EMF, the weaker that radiation is. Every inch matters. So keep as much distance between you and sources of EMF as possible (this is why you should never hold your cellphone up to your head when you’re using it, or sleep next to your wifi router).

A second way to reduce your exposure is to minimize your usage of EMF emitting technologies. As I’ve explained, you can’t cut out EMF emissions from your phone or wifi router and still expect it to work. But, you don’t always need your phone or wifi network to work. When you’re sleeping, for example, you probably don’t need your wifi router on. But most people keep their wifi routers on all the time. So why not turn it off when you go to bed?

(We go into more depth on this subject in our free ebook, 2 Super Simple Ways to Live Healthier.)

EMF pollution isn’t like other types of pollution. And unless we’re willing to go back to the stone-age, it’s not going away. So it’s important to understand what it is, how it works, so you can think of ways to protect yourself.

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