Health Risks of Having a 5G Network

5G Health Risks

By now, you’ve likely heard about the upcoming installment of 5G networks. If you don’t already have it available in your town, you will soon. 5G is said to run up to 100 times faster than our current 4G network speeds. This will allow us to surf the web at faster speeds, enjoy much shorter download times and run more devices online without slowing down our internet speed. It all seems like a great improvement, until you look at the potential 5G health risks.

What’s The Difference Between 5G and 4G?

5G utilizes high frequency waves that support much faster internet speeds than the current 4G network. The main difference between the two, is that 5G frequencies don’t travel as far. That’s why wireless companies are working towards installing “small cell” sites in closer proximity to each other. With previous networks, large cell towers were used. These are spread a good distance apart. Although large cell towers have their own set of problems, they weren’t as concerning as the current installation of “small cell” towers.

Health Risks of 5G Towers
5G Networks Require Many More, Smaller Cell Towers

Many people are raising their concerns for this after seeing the 5G cell sites pop up in their neighborhoods. The companies are planning to use the existing infrastructure to install the new 5G devices. Places like utility poles and on buildings will be some of the areas used to help the signal remain strong. A lot of them are about the size of smoke detectors. This would make them less noticeable and seem like less of an intrusion to homeowners living nearby.

How Could 5G Affect Our Health?

With the new sets of 5G cell sites, comes the growing concern of increased cancer rates. It’s generally recognized now, that overuse of cell phones can cause cancer. This is due to the over-exposure of radiation. Just like cell phones, cell towers emit the same frequencies. Having the new 5G small cell sites installed so much closer together can increase cancer rates to those exposed.

Health Risks of 5G Cell Phone Antennas
Keep an eye out for 5G antennas popping up everywhere.

Increased cancer rates aren’t the only concern. There are many 5G health risks that we need to be concerned about. Autoimmune responses have also been noted with increased exposure to EMF or high frequencies. Autoimmune responses normally occur when the body is heavily inundated with stress hormones. This is also an effect of over-exposure to EMF. In most cases this type of immunes system or stress response happens without us even knowing. That’s why it can be hard to pinpoint the root cause of a lot of health issues we face today.

There are not enough studies being done about 5G health risks. There need to be more studies done on the long-term health risks to the human body before this technology is made readily available to the public. The ones that are being done, are typically done by the same companies that are installing and providing the 5G service.

There are too many 5G health risks to not raise awareness of the dangers of installing so many of these new small tower devices. Some of the health risks besides increased cancer rates include; cardiovascular issues, reproductive problems, autoimmune disorders, chronic stress and fatigue, as well as Anxiety and Depression.

How To Reduce Your Risks To 5G

SYB Boxer Briefs to Shield Against EMF Radiation
SYB Boxer Briefs protect you from all forms of wireless radiation.

The easiest thing to do to decrease your risk of developing health issues from 5G is to limit your exposure. Try to manage the amount of time you spend online and around devices connected to Wi-Fi. This might be a lot easier said than done. Almost everything we use today is in some way connected to the internet. Even if we choose not to use our tech so much, we still get exposed to radiation emitted from cell towers, other peoples’ smart phones, smart appliances, and soon to be 5G small cell towers.

If you’re not able to completely eliminate excess radiation exposure, try using shielding devices and tools. These are made to help block out radiation and protect you from the harmful effects of 5G radiation. In today’s world it’s nearly impossible to go completely “off the grid”, especially if you work in a corporate job surrounded by Wi-Fi signals. In that case, the best thing to do would be to learn to shield your body with protective EMF blocking gear and clothing like the ones found here at

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What is 5G?

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