What Electromagnetic Protection is Right For You? It Depends.

What Electromagnetic Protection is Right For You? It Depends.

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It’s not always possible to limit your use of EMF-emitting devices like cell phones and laptops. Nor is it always possible to keep a distance from them. After all, you want to be able to use them when you need to! That’s where electromagnetic protection comes in. It can shield or deflect harmful EMF away from your body. 

Do EMF Protection Products Really Work?

Do EMF protection products really work? How can you know? That’s what we’re looking at here with SYB Healthy Living Tip #14: Read The Fine Print (with EMF Protection Solutions). 

Healthy Living Tip #14: Read the Fine Print (with EMF Protection Solutions)

One thing we repeat a lot here at SYB is that the best EMF protection is absolutely free.

By that we mean that the first thing you should do to protect your health against the harmful effects of EMF radiation is to maximize your distance and limit your use. For example, switching off your cell phone at night and keeping your laptop a safe distance from your body. 

But naturally there are times when you simply need to be in close proximity to radiation-emitting devices. EMF shielding products exist to protect you in those moments. 

But not all such products are created equal. In fact, some can even do more harm than good. 

That’s why it’s so important to read the fine print before choosing which products to buy and use. Just because a company claims a product protects you from EMF, doesn’t mean it protects you from all EMF radiation in all circumstances.

This is why it’s so important to read the fine print– what does the company actually claim its EMF protection products actually do, and what data do they have to support their claims.

Consider questions such as these:

  • What claims is the company making? 
  • Are they transparent about how their products are made and the materials they use?
  • Is there any science to support their claims (a great example here are companies who make charms and pendants – there’s simply no scientific basis to back these up).
  • If there’s science behind the products, what does it say and is it sound? 

Another thing worth investigating is whether there’s any underlying validity to logos and badges (for example “FCC Certified Testing”). These can give products an official-looking air but, as explained here, don’t necessarily mean much at all. 

Ultimately, we believe it’s important that anyone buying EMF protection understands what it does and how it works

That’s why we strongly encourage you to read the fine print, ask questions, and even test for yourself to check that the product really works (and yes, I encourage all of my customers to do this with my own SYB products as well).

But even when you find EMF protection that’s based in real science – and that really works – that doesn’t mean it’s the right protection for you.

Pick the Protection that Works– for You

Here’s the thing though: not all electromagnetic protection is the same. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you? This brings us to SYB Healthy Living Tip #63: Pick the EMF Protection That’s Right For YOU.

Healthy Living Tip #63: Pick the Electromagnetic Protection That's Right For You

Consider that different people are exposed to EMF in different ways. 

One person might use their cell phone to make a lot of calls. If they’re constantly holding it to their ear, they’re exposing their head and brain to both thermal and non-thermal effects of EMF radiation. 

Or maybe you hardly ever make calls – but tend to keep your cell phone in your pocket all day so you can respond to texts. In this case, it’s other organs – reproductive organs, for example – that are bearing the brunt of the exposure.

Think beyond cell phones, too. Is one of your main sources of exposure a laptop? Your proximity to a wifi router, smart meter or 5G small cell receptor? 

Each SYB product is designed to protect you in a particular way and to cover particular scenarios. This is the only way for real electromagnetic protection to function, since no one product can feasibly cover every situation.

To give you an example, a product like our 5G Phone Shield is designed to make it safer to carry your phone. It does this by deflecting 99.9% of wireless EMF radiation away from your body while your phone is, say, in your pocket. If you want make talking on your phone safer, something like the SYB Air Tube Headset is a specially-designed solution. (And our new SYB Headset Anti-Radiation Device gives you the ability to turn any headset into an anti-radiation headset. So you can get EMF protection without sacrificing sound quality.)

Or if you prefer to protect a specific body part from all types of EMF radiation including wifi, cell phone networks, smart meters and even Bluetooth, you might opt for something like the SYB Bandana or Boxer Briefs.

So when deciding which electromagnetic protection is right for you, think about:

  1. How you use your devices and what sources of EMF you’re most often exposed to
  2. What parts of your body receive the most exposure 

These two questions will help you determine which types of electromagnetic protection will most benefit you.

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