Children are More Vulnerable to EMF Radiation Risks

EMF radiation has the potential to adversely impact all living things. Children and young adults are even more vulnerable. 

As just one example of this risk, Dr. Lennart Hardell published a study in 2008 on the link between cell phone usage and the incidence two types of cancers: gliomas and acoustic neuromas. Dr. Hardell reported that people who began using cell phones in their 20s, had an increased probability of 50% for developing gliomas and were twice as likely to develop acoustic neuromas.

In start contrast, those who began using cell phones before the age of 20, were five times more likely to develop gliomas and acoustic neuromas.

Why the stark difference in risks for children and adults? There are two primary reasons.

Children with Cell PhoneThe first reason is that babies, children and young adults are (obviously) still growing. That means that they are undergoing higher rates of cellular mitosis (the process by which cells divide and multiply). EMF radiation from devices like cell phones, baby monitors and WiFi have been shown to lead to genetic mutation (sometimes irreparable; so-called “double-strand breaks”). And so, any damage to the DNA in the cells of children will replicate more rapidly, than in adults where the rates of cellular mitosis are much lower.

So, while wireless radiation can damage anyone’s DNA, the impact of that damage is much more significant in children, because the damage is replicated more.

The second primary reason that children are more vulnerable is because their skulls are thinner than those of adults. The skull provides a natural shield against EMF radiation, helping to protect the brain. Because the skulls of children are thinner, they provide less protection against EMF radiation entering the brain. As a result, the radiation can penetrate more deeply into the brains of children, than those of adults.

EMF radiation from wireless devices poses health risks to all human beings. But children are much more vulnerable to damage from these forces.

Given these facts, you should consider ways of minimizing your child’s exposure to cell phones and similar devices.

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