Why Shield from EMF?

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

You may not realize it, but you are increasingly surrounded by a force known as electromagnetic radiation (also known as EMR or EMF).

There are many different types of EMF. Some have more energy (or, higher frequency) and some have less energy (or, lower frequency).

The type of EMF with which you are likely most familiar is visible light. The types of EMF with more energy than visible light (including ultraviolet rays, x rays and gamma rays) are known as ionizing radiation. Ionizing EMF has long been known to be very damaging— and even deadly— even in very small doses.

The types of EMF with less energy than visible light are called non-ionizing (including radio waves and microwaves).

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The Electromagnetic Spectrum

For many years, it was believed that non-ionizing EMF did not have enough energy to cause damage to living beings (at least, at levels of power insufficient to heat human tissue).

In recent decades, however, an increasingly large body of science has emerged that does demonstrate negative health effects resulting from exposures to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, even at levels of power too low to heat human tissue (so called, non-thermal effects). These exposures (such as you receive when making a telephone call on a cell or cordless phone, or from the electrical wiring in your home) have been demonstrated to yield negative health effects including irreparable DNA damage, infertility, leukemia and multiple types of brain tumors. This is why the World Health Organization designates non-ionizing EMF as a Class 2B Carcinogen.

(For more information on many of these studies, you may read The BioInitiative Report — first published in 2007 and updated in 2012— which reviews thousands of studies on this subject.)

It may be surprising to realize, but until the invention of the lightbulb, human beings and other living creatures were only exposed to EMF from the sun’s rays, and the occasional nearby lightning strike.

But, with the invention of the lightbulb emerged a need for a grid to power those lightbulbs. Once the power grid was in place, inventors and companies continued to find new ways to use that power to create an increasing number of tools and appliances.

Any device that works by transmitting wireless communication (such as radio, WiFi, and cell phones) emits non-ionizing EMF. And any appliance that works from AC power (i.e., is plugged into a wall) also emits non-ionizing EMF.

And with each new year, we are surrounded by more devices emitting different levels of different types of EMF radiation.

Different technologies emit different levels of power of electromagnetic radiation.

While there is plenty of modern science informing us that there are risks to human health from exposure to even low-powered non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, science in this area has not advanced to the point of being to precisely define risks (such as, what precise increased risk of developing a brain tumor results from using a cell phone for one hour a day).

Current safety standards (such as maximum permissible emissions from cell phones) are based on engineering standards that completely ignore the risks of non-thermal effects. In other words, these standards are designed to prevent you from catching on fire from using a cell phone; not to prevent infertility or brain tumors that have been scientifically demonstrated as results of exposure to cell phone radiation.

Further, even if these safety standards were sufficient to protect your health, it is important to remember that they are designed for exposures from single sources. So, even if the FCC’s exposure guidelines were sufficient to ensure your use of a cell phone was safe, these guidelines completely ignore the fact that most of us are increasingly surrounded by several— even dozens— of sources simultaneously. Such as when you use your cell phone, with your computer in your lap, in a public location, served by multiple WiFi networks, with three cell towers nearby.

And that’s why we started SYB™. One doesn’t need to return to the stone age in order to reduce one’s exposures. The technology to block, deflect and absorb electromagnetic radiation has been around for decades. Our goal is to design products that make it easier for you to use EM shielding, to reduce your personal exposures to EMF radiation.

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