The Best Ways to Protect Against EMF: The Two Key Rules

The Best EMF Protection is Free
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EMF can be complicated. There’s a lot of science to understand. You can’t see, touch, smell or taste EMF. A lot of companies (like mine) make and sell EMF protection, and it’s hard to know what are the best ways to protect against EMF.

So today I’m here to share with you Healthy Living Tip #1: the best EMF protection is FREE.

Healthy Living Tip #1: The BEST EMF Protection is FREE

So what do I mean by that? Let me explain why the best ways to protect against EMF are two simple and free rules..

Real EMF Protection is Good. Reducing Your Exposure is the Best!

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No EMF protection products are 100% effective. That technology does not exist. And one of the reasons is that EMF isn’t a by-product: EMF is the product.

You can’t block all EMF radiation from a cell phone and have it work; you can’t block all EMF radiation from a wifi router and have it work; you can’t block all EMF radiation from a baby monitor and have it work. That’s because EMF signals are how these technologies work. If you block all the EMF, the technology won’t work!

All modern technology – whether it communicates wirelessly or runs on AC power – emits EMF radiation. And each year we’re surrounded by more and more of it. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

So What Can You Do?

The best way to protect yourself from exposure to this type of radiation comes down to two simple rules:

  1. MINIMIZE your use of EMF-generating technologies.
  2. MAXIMIZE the distance between your body, and the EMF-generating technologies, when they are in use.

Minimize Use

The first point, to minimize your use, is quite simple and obvious. After all, the best way to minimize your exposures is to minimize your use of the tools that generate these exposures.

If you want to reduce your exposure to the EMF radiation that all modern technology emits, the best way is to reduce how much of that technology you use and surround yourself with.

That’s why, for example, we recommend turning off your wifi router at night, and putting your phone into airplane mode when it’s not in use, and not buying “smart” stuff you don’t actually need.

All of these things (and more of the tips from our Healthy Living Tips series) will minimize your exposure to EMF, by minimizing your use of EMF emitting technology.

So that’s the first of the simple rules. And there’s a second.

Maximize Distance

It’s true that you can’t stop modern technology from emitting EMF radiation.

But there’s something about that radiation that you might not realize. Not only does EMF radiation get weaker with distance – it actually diminishes in power exponentially with distance. So each additional inch– even millimeter– of distance that you put between yourself and the source of the EMF will have a big impact on your exposure.

That’s why we recommend not sleeping with your phone, and putting your wifi router as far away as possible, and moving furniture away from outlets.

Because: Every Inch Matters.

The Best EMF Protection is Free

So that’s why we at SYB say the best EMF protection is free. Because it is.

So if you’re concerned about your exposure to EMF radiation, the best things you can do are:

  1. Minimize your use of EMF-emitting technology; and
  2. Maximize the distance between your body and those devices when they are in use.

That’s the whole purpose of our Healthy Living Tips. Each tip is a great way to start practicing these rules.

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